How much music do you have?

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  1. How big is your music collection on your computer in terms of size and song count?

    I just got back into downloading music a few days ago but haven't been downloading a whole lot since I already have a shit load of music on my iPod.. but I don't have any on the computer (until now anyway). My PC collection is sorta low because of this.

    It's 2.35gb right now. It will probably be 10-15 in less than a week haha. No idea how many songs there are just yet because I haven't even put them all on iTunes yet
  2. close to 50gb
  3. 22.5gb and 4228 songs.
  4. 28 GB 5331 songs. I have to get a new ipod because all my crap wont fit on mine anymore.
  5. Well, my laptop has about 9 Gigs (like 1 000 songs), but my desktop has at least 40 or 50 more. Then, I've got probably 30 - 40 DVDs full of music (probably more than 100 GB)
    But it's almost entirely illegally downloaded, and I wouldn't say I listen to all of it (I wouldn't even say I like all of it, but I have it).
  6. 10 gb right now 1500 songs

    this since i lost my music collection in late august
  7. 161gb 7683 songs
  8. 8246 songs 61.97 GB

    probably 80% hip-hop, rest is electronic (not fucking dubstep) and 60's/70's rock
  9. I believe 160 gigs.
  10. 321 gigs in my working collection 29,493 songs
  11. winner. guessing electronic?
  12. 29.99gb...

    However, have lost probably another 10 or 15gb through changing computers in one form or another over the years :(
  13. 210GB - 6270 songs. I'm probably going to delete about 1/3 of my library to weed out the bad songs.
  14. 12.21gb in my itunes.
    493.5gb in my external hard drive.
    Halfway until 1 Terabyte.
    Believe it or not, I have listened to most of the music in my collection haha

    What tis life without music?
  15. 5,000 songs.
  16. ii had 4322 songs on my ipod for over the years i always put songs in it until i dropped my ipod and i connected it in my laptop and it said ipod must be restored i was like noooooooooo ! it really did suck cuz that was my source with alll my songs and i jus bought a laptop so now i gotta start fresh , remembering less than half those songs :/
  17. lol i had around 20k last i checked, that was over a year ago..

    pandora and slacker is all i use anymore. Cloud media is the future.

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