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  1. i have only seen like 10 clear trichs on my plant's major budsites.....more cloudy than amber though.leaves are dying.. i am only using advanced nutes final flush. have so since thursday...when should i harvest. what do you guys think?

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  2. how many amber trichs have u seen? all depends on the stone u want i guess. most people say leave them until 50% or so have amber in the trichs. great coloring by the way. what strain?
  3. I would give the plant another week to completely flush out. In the first pic, the plant looks like its filled out. So now its up to you on what kind of buzz do yo want, based on the trichs. Personally I would harvest, when all the trichs are either cloudy or amber, but not clear.

    Hope that helps.:smoke:

  4. thanks for the quick response...i am growing papaya and for amber it is 35 to 40 percent and cloudy is what is left other than those few clears i was talking about... i want it to be a killer high so that is why i am waiting till you experts tell me to harvest
  5. yes i am waiting for no clears they should be all gone in a week?
  6. id wait awhile then if you want that knock you on your ass stone
  7. how long would you wait?
  8. if it was me......i'd wait until around 40%amber
  9. Depends on what type of high you prefer if you harvest when its cloudy its a more up high. Amber is more of a narcotic couch lock high..

  10. wow what kind of high do you guys like? i will watch the trichs until they are 50/50 so i can be numb!!!! also have you guys used molasses at the end of the plants life?:hello:

  11. what kind of high will that give me?
  12. i love your eagerness :) i am the same way, and your will to learn, nice. just thought i would say that your grow looks awesome. as for the color of the trichs. as someone said earlier cloudy is the energetic high, head high, that you can still function after. the amber is the stoned, like cant get off the couch but think about a bag of chips in the kitchen for 3 hours type of high :) as for 40 %amber, that would just mean 60% head high 40 % stoned mix. probably still functional.
  13. thanks for the help....i will be checking my trichs will post some harvest pics..soon
  14. I use mollasses all during the flowering cycle.It works for me and am very impressed with the results.
  15. I'm experimenting with molasses this year. Just gave my girls their first shot of it 2 days ago. Hope it can help fatten my Sativa's up before I gotta cut them
  16. i am flushing now and stopped using mollasses but my buds look swollen and sweet....they are still like mostly cloudy i am waiting for it to amber up more.. i seen like 2 percent clear still... let the waiting game begin. how long is the window of maximum potency?...i don't wanna miss the bus!!!!!!
  17. I think potentcy will get higher and higher up until around 70 or 80 percent amber. Thats what I've heard anyways. Mine don't usually make it that far anyways since I live in a northern climate
  18. how many more weeks should i wait for 80 percent amber it is still hot is about 60 to 70 cloudy now
  19. not sure man different plants flower at different rates so im unsure. just keep a close eye
  20. will do

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