how much money will i need (monthly) to live?

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I am moving into a house with my buddies from school in about 2 weeks. my expenses are paid for (mostly) so i'm looking for a little advice from people who live on their own:

    My pops is paying my rent and utilities, and then writing me a check as well each month. It has all been figured out so that it equals about the same price as room and board at school. I don't have many bills except my phone bill, and gas (i don't drive much, but i do have to drive about 10 minutes to campus everyday). I'm wondering what you guys thing is a normal amount of money for a single guy to spend in a month on just living expenses. I will have to pay for food, gas and my $70 phone bill. I just bought an iphone, so my next months phonebill will be for 2 months i think, and i bought the phone with the money that i won't even get till sept 1st that i need for living. So, any rough estimates?

    im not too worried, bud isn't much of an issue; i can get any amount fronted, and im in a frat + know tons of kids on campus, but i'm hoping i really don't have to get any hustle on... i think the first month might be tight, just because i bought a fuckin iphone, but w/e. I can probably get some extra money when i buy my books for school. Oh yea, and my grandfather lives down the street from where i'm living, so i can cop free food anytime money is short lol
  2. I spend about $200-250/mo. on food for myself.
  3. Food is going to be about 200 a month.
    Gas will be a little more or less every month also.
  4. Holy shit man, you're lucky! My parents wouldnt so much buy me a fucking meal. Other then rent, utilities, food, phone, I dont know what other expenses there could be. I am currently saving so I can move out in a month also. Except i'll have to pay $800/month for rent, from my own money!
  5. yea, i know, i'm very lucky. Im so amped for the upcoming year. I was always told my college education would be taken care of, and i'm very appreciative that that promise was kept. I wish i did better last year, cuz i feel guilty as hell; like i wasted someone elses money. so food and gas should run around $400 a month or so? thatd be perfect, its about exactly what ill have...

    and if i so feel, i can make some extra spending money to add in... ya know, buy a nice roor maybe;

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