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How much money do you spend on pot a week?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cloud Rhinos, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I only ask this because I tend to view my consumption of marijuana as a living cost. Thus, I try to limit my spending of marijuana to 60 dollars a week. So I'll either buy an eighth for that week and have friends come over to match, or I'll buy an O, in an attempt to save more money.

    What about you guys out there?
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    Didn't see the week part. so 25$. That's still lil over a 1/4 tho. Should prolly try to cut back.

    This sounds like a Rehab question.
  3. i spend 225 on an oz every 2 weeks so i put 60-100 because i dont really count 112 bucks, as 100+ lol
  4. Bout $50 i'd say.

    Im doin the weekend warrior thing right now(clean monday-friday afternoon, ripped friday evening to sunday night) So i buy 5-6gs on friday afternoon and smoke through the weekend.

  5. On average me and my bro get an eighth of some kill and an O of some shwag so a little more than 100. The shwag lasts two weeks sometimes though.
  6. i spend $100 (q of dank) just about every 2 weeks :smoke:
  7. far too much, if i had to guess id say about £100 now which is great considering it was £30-£40 a day at one point.

    vape ftw.
  8. I used to spend a good 60-100 on dank a week, half oz to a oz a week of mids.

    Now that i grow - $0 a week. feels like i quit smoking with the money i am getting now!
  9. I spend anywhere from 50-100 a week. If i can get 8ths for 50 then i usually smoke the 8th in about 5 days so im not saying i smoke a quad a week, but that would be nice. I've been sticking to one hitters and snaps to get me through the day.
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    I spend 300$ a week
    I smoke a lot
    Mostly diesels and hazes
    The reason I am growing some :smoke:
  11. Oh man, so do you smoke like an 0Z a week?

  12. Sometimes more depends on whats going on
  13. could smoke an oz a week but dats too much on drugs so id say $50 and stretch it
  14. Haha! That's good shit man, i wish i could smoke that much. I envy you for that.
  15. I used to smoke a quarter a week and I paid 60 a quarter. I just took a 1 month T-break that ended a week and a half ago, so we will see how long I can make this quarter last.
  16. Man, I bet after a t-break you could make a q last a few weeks!
  17. for danks or shwag??? 60 a quad for danks?? dear god... 60 a quad for shwag? dear god...

    EDIT: haha nvm saw ur from canada..... lucky bastard
  18. I'll tell you one thing, it's more than $7.

  19. Exactly the same; $60 per week. Strict regimen to follow...I also consider it a living cost but first the rent,elec,insurance,and internet get payed. But i always have mah 60$ left for the bill im most happy to pay :)

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