How much longer?

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  1. Im growing this girl outside and the strain is cheesewreck and I know im not done due to some pistils still being white, how long would you estimate till I cut her down?




    these were taken a few days ago.
  2. On average a safe bet is 60 days of flowering before harvest
  3. I agree with Rhapsody, also, you should notice some yellowing of most of the fan leaves and the very best way to know exactly when your peak harvest moment is to look for your trichomes to turn from a translucent white to a light amber color and they will start to lean over because they are top heavy. Here is a pretty cool vid on the subject .‪How you Know When to Harvest your Marijuana...‬‏ - YouTube As the dude in the video says, use a magnifying glass or jewlers loop to get a close look at your trichomes, they look like minature mushrooms. Also, for a smoother smoke (you probably already know this), water only the last 21 days or so to get all the nutes out of her before harvest.
    Nice looking plant!

  4. That to! Your plant will start to yellow off and look terrible towards the end. MJ has a definite life cycle..its not like say a bush or something which lives forever if you take care of it. MJ knows when its time to die.
  5. it has been starting to do that lately, yellow leaves and whatnot and I just cut them off ): could anyone give me a timeline? 1 week? 2 weeks?

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