How much longer till i flush my girl | (DSLR Pics)

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    they are a bit small supposed to be larger but i switched into 600watt from 23watt fluorescent (dont ask lol) 11 days ago, shes starting to amber <3
    how much more weeks into flowering should i give her ?
    it OG Kush as far as i know

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  2. just curious,weres ur bud?????
  3. What is that?
  4. idk she hasnt sprouted out yet really, i switched her to 600watt 11days ago, oh and a board feel on her her main stem snapped, but now it looks like shes been hella supercropped on the main stem, im taking that will have an effect on how long ill have to wait for her to fully flower

    Its OG kush, i could be wrong thou
  5. uhh dude that looks bad. How many days into 12/12 ? if thats supposed to be near done then youve royally fucked up something. there are literally no buds on that thing and the fan leaves look horrible. not trying to bash just ssaying
  6. Lol honestly i see a little bit of something, like i said it was under 2 13watt fluorecent 2700k light bulbs, but now its been under 600watt for the past 11 days (huge improvement)
    but its been 40-50 days now, i heard i can wait till 70-120 days to harvest i've heard though
  7. I didnt see the edit. 2 13floro damn no wonder well Id let it go for a lot longer. and wait for the flush even keep giving it maybe give another feed or 2. It should take off with the new light:hello::smoke:
  8. thanks lol, how many more weeks do you think i can get away with ?
  9. Her stem is thick as F--- though :\ thats the only sexy part lol
  10. No idea what you did to your poor plant..Just curious to how it turned out in the end.

  11. From the looks of the actual flowers(sparse that they are) I'd say its super early in flower still. All the pistils are white...
    Basically you realize your asking us how long, when your the one who could have written down the date when it started?

    I don't mean to be rude but its only as good as our guess...

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