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  1. Ok well ive been growin 2 plants for a about 9 weeks the first 3 or 4 were outside while it was pretty cold them i put them inside under one 120 w and one 100 watt then i started growin some more and now had another lamp to add to this its prolly aroun 300 w so i think i have enough light now i bought some miracle grow 8-7-6 and when i added 15 drops into water into the original 2 they both started to droop badly and then dry up i pruned one fully and the other to one died and the other is growin its 7th set of leaves (all leaves including 3 leaf ones 3rd set of 5 leaf) So y did they die so quick and also is that one goin to make it the top is growing nice and the extra leaves cuming from the middles of the leaf branches about 4 of these sets Is it goin to live and flower nicely and also My new plants are about 12 inches high with with all of them having 3 sets of 3 leaves and the 4th growing in the leaves are thick and nice and so is the stalk how long till i should flower these guys and im scared to add any type of flowering nutrients because mircale grow killed em ITS CALLED MIRACLE GROW HOUSEPLANT FOOD
    8 - 7 - 6
  2. sorry, what?
  3. only kidding..... miracle grow nearly killed one of my plants once as well, so I won't do that again either....


  4. I use very weak fert. Anything else tend to burn them.
  5. I have been using that same plant food since my plants were seeds. My plants shot up quick. They have seemed to enjoyed the stuff :) While I am no pro I will say that I introduced the food very gradually.

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