how much light is too much

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by benistoned, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. well i know the answer is never too much if you can control the heat but besides that, i got a different obstacle.

    i have relocated and my 2nd grow will be in a one bedroom apartment. i plan on growing 4-5 girls white widow x NL from clone in the dedicated walk in closet.

    since i ain't growing a single plant anymore, i am going to need more lights and i'm thinking a 400w HPS or MH. I already have 2x 150w HPS and a bunch of clfs. Total wattage will be around 850~ on just lights. now keep in mind im going to move in to a one bedroom apartment.

    if the electric man sees my gauges and my neighbors woulnt he be suspicious? is that too much electricity for a one bedroom?
  2. its possible, but there are plenty of legitimate reasons why your power would be up there. For example: you have a fish tank, multiple computers, watch a lot of tv, etc.. As many people on here will say, as long as you pay your bills on time you shouldn't have a problem. Just don't try to steal electricity because thats ho wmost growers get caught. I was wondering the same thing, just my paranoia talking lol good luck bud!!!:wave:
  3. i'd forget about the cfl's if you have hid. that'll help some.
  4. 2x150 HPS/MH with Reflectors should be enough for a couple of plants mate, Dont waste your money i only have 1x200w CFL and my plant look Pretty :D

    "i'd forget about the cfl's if you have hid. that'll help some." agreed... With 300watts of MH/HPS you putting out quite a few lumens... How bigs the grow space? (HxWxD)
    Peace :smoke:
  5. its a pretty large walk in closet. I am going to dedicate the whole closet to this grow. I want a pound at least. considering i got 3.7 out of my first grow and the bud was real fluffy, i think the extra light and my exsisting experience will allow me to get a bountiful yield.
  6. the reason you got "fluffy" bud was because of high temps. or low humidity or both. if you want to get a pound with the gear you have you should do a scrog. otherwise, i wouldn't count on a pound. if you can control your rh and temps you can/could get 1.5 lbs. from a 400 watt scrog w/o the cfl's.
  7. Are you a "techy" person?

    My computer has a 550w power supply in it, now it's rarely using all 550, but who's to say you dont have a room of (or just 3 'high power') server's that are under a great deal of load...

    To make it even better, spend about $100 and pick up some raw empty cases and stick'em in a visible closet with some fake power cords, led lights (then you can use real power cords ;)), fans... Going that far would be for the paranoid as they (cops) would need probable cause to enter. However your landlord may be able to drop by and enter whenever they want.

    Apartment growing can be risky...

    You could also ditch the two 150's and run some t5's in their place...
  8. im gonna be doing the same thing but im moving into a 2 bedroom apartment in a month. 1 room will be for growing. right from the start of moving in there im starting to grow. my friend is making me some clones. 10 to start off with. ill have 800 watt hps, maybe just 400 watt hps and 2 cfls.
  9. i think you are on the something when you say its fluffy because of high temps (it was burned a few times and it was overall kinda hot in there last time) humidity wasn't much of an issue last time. im going to really have to try to get temp down.

    I plan on doing some LST, and hopefully since i got 3.7 from my first girl, Ill get close to 4oz per plant.

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