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how much is your income tax refund?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by phantomxrider, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. first one of my life and it's $50.
    haha, thanks taco bell :rolleyes:
  2. $32 haha
  3. Nothing I still owe them like 29,000, I spent wayyyy to much this year and didn't have enough income left over to pay taxes on my income.
  4. dont thank taco bell, they didnt give you it. thank the irs. but not really cuz the irs is a bunch of crooks.

    i got like 1200
  5. 2700 dollars ( fuck the Government )

  6. Damn man that blows:(
  7. State: $6
    Federal: $16


    My mom's was $7800.
  8. Yeah I am going to try and set up a payment plan with them, but I just filed for an extension because I am veryy behind for last year.

  9. Damn, thats enough for a gram of dank:smoking:
  10. mine was like 9600 but they took out about 3500 for my wifes student loans so we ended up gettin like 6gs. we have 3 kids so we get alot more back than what we pay in every year
  11. i'm a joke and wanted my money right away instead of waiting to have my moms accountant do it, so i sold that shit to h&r block and got a little more than 500$.
  12. I got a little over 2k for both state/fed.
  13. I only got like 3 or 4 paychecks in 2009 because I quit the cafeteria early February so only like $45 I think. Oh well, I'll get another $10 and get an 8er of some dank once I get it :smoking:
  14. this year was the first where i didnt owe money. for some reason i either mess up my taxes, or somethings screwy on the IRS end, but for the past 5-6 years ive ended up owing a few hundred bucks or more every year. last spring they sent me a check saying they owed me money and that came in real handy, hopefully they figure out they owe me more this year too :D
  15. $790....paid for my plane ticket to amsterdam for trance energy, thank you IRS

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