how much is your apartment electricity bill?

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  1. What's going on GC, just wanted to know how much some of you blades out there spend on your electric bill a month? I'm running a 600watt, water chiller, 2 T5 setups and a couple of house things like T.V. My bill comes out to $115 a month. So I'm just trying to see if anyone out there is spending more than me, because I would like to run another 600wat light setup. Paranoia is keeping me back from moving forwared.
  2. Anywhere from 85 to 120 for me
  3. I'm running (2) 400W HPS lights, 150W veg room and everything else in my house for about $150-$160 per mo.
  4. So, do you think $160 for a apartment looks kind of suspect?
  5. no, how do they know what I heat with, or how many computers I run alongside my washer and dryer?

    $150 isnt a lot of electricity, especially this time of year. When I was heating with electricity my bills were over $300 for the cold months.
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    Sounds good, I'm most deff going for another light setup. Most likely a dimable 600watt in another cab..So I can have 2 flower & 1 T5 veg, clone cab. Thanks for the info.
  7. Just to help put it in perspective my roommate and I are like 60 a month and we both have computers that usually run, two tvs and two xboxs we play like 5 hours a day but we tend not to use our lights very often. No growing activity.
  8. Shit my bill is like 23 bucks! But, I don't grow :(

  9. Easy to figure out yourself. Look at your power bill. Your looking for the price per kilowatt hour. It varies by state and area in the state you live in. Here where I live energy is dirty cheap, .12 cents per kilowatt hour some parts of the US its .30 cents. Anyhow just plug it in that calculator and it will show you the costs.

    Costs Calculator
  10. air conditioners, dehumidifier, humidifier, space heaters, air cleaners, all common appliances used in growing just as well as for common household needs. Have two of everything. Subterfuge do be key i see.

    I mean jesus every 1500w space heater sucks up accomodatin explanation quick, and i know all sorts of retarded americans that cant afford anything decent but tobacco and the like and will have like 2-3 of them cheap space heaters running without consideration. kNew my bosses wife had ac running every single room of house all summer while i was painting hallway there anyway, so. people do stupid shit withduh lectric
  11. At my place (crappy college student apartment complex, on the cheap side of town too) there's a "green cap" where they charge if you use more power then you are allotted. However, they don't tell you what you "green cap" is but it is obviously really low because everyone pays extra. My friend (not a grower) two buildings over pays about 45 extra a month and I've been paying about 32 to 35 extra a month. Since I started growing this month, I checked to see how much extra I would have to pay this month since payments are done online. Only looking like I'm going to have to pay 5 to 8 dollars extra than usual.
  12. Mine is around 375 in a 4bdrm house in the far north with three people in the house using everyday items. There is also 2400 watts worth of lights running with 4 t5's. Just pay your bill and your cool.
  13. yeah my bill was400 before i put a couple 1000 hps 4 bedroom
  14. I don't grow, so I dunno if you want my answer. Our bill is $50-80 depending on how cold it was that month.

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