How much is to much?

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  1. Well GC I'm hookd to the forums.. Anyways onto the thread

    how much is to much?

    I need sex or atleast a nut 5-10 times a day and once more to fall asleep

    I find myself late for work or important thing for this fact.. I feel as if i dont do it kno I'm gunna jus keep thinking bout it

    I had a girl put me to the test and my max was 10 times in one day then I fell alseep

    Everyone thinks I'm just a freak but at times my nutts feel like there gunna pop if I don't release myself

    my longest time off was 2 days n the next time I came was with my ex gf giving a bj that nut went feet!!
  2. dude, 10x is way too many times per day in my opinion....once a day is acceptable. and i dont even consider it enjoyable if there isnt a hot chick on my dick when i nut....idk dude sounds like your a nympho or something of that sort
  3. I do it like twice a day but for anyone who has seen tropic thunder

  4. yea, you need to chill out man. 10 times a day? thats ridiculous. i dont even jack off 10 times a week, and im a normal horny college kid. like to be honest, it sounds like you might have a problem.

  5. This guy speak the truth.... seriously.
  6. I don't jerk off 10x's a day.. My room mates (family) is cool they let me bring chicks over when i feel like it.. It's not like 10x is wat I aim for
    I jus have to a few times day.. I agree by myself it's not the same..
    I push myself not to do it when a chick isn't around but doesn't always work..

    Don't mean to ramble but when I'm perk'd up I talk alot or atleast type alot..
    Percocet suck pass me my weed..
  7. Moderation is key bro.

    If I told you guys I was late to work for smoking pot you say I'm fucking stupid. Same difference with sex. Its a pleasure and too much of a good thing take the good outta it sometimes.

    So you just need to think with your head ( no not your dick ) and stop acting like you need to go Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.

    Maybe I am totally jealous *_*.......i feel like 10x in 1 day and my dick would fall off or I would have to ice my dick. haha
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    I realize it's a problem but at times I can't help it..
    I don't need rehab I'm not hookd. I jus take advantage

    say that because when I have a girl around I feels I need to get my use
    as for beatin its usually jus once at night along with a blunt to fall alsleep
    maybe once or twice during the day..

    I started young, around 3rd 4th grade a family friend a older lady useta watch me she would lay down with me n watch tv and start touchin my shit.. I never told I liked it.. After she went home n she wasn't around i would start myself..

    I lost my virginity when i was 11 to an older girl 17..
    From there injust kept it up..

    ^^ actually the 1st time I told anybody.. I don't see it as a source of bad thought it was just a spring board to loving sex
  9. does sex even feel good for you anymore? and which girl agreed to do it with you everyday that many times? lol. but anyways all throughout my teens i was a masturbating addict and did it about 4 times a day so i kind of know what you mean but how do you have time to have sex that much?
  10. damn jealous. lol. how did that happen?
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    ^^ I can't sleep so I got alot of time.. Besides my job is fuckd up they change my hours daily so at times I got mornings or nights off.. I find the time..

    Actaully most girls I mess with.. I always find a closet freak. I'm not ready to settle down so a slut will do ya kno? Yes it feels great without a condom.. I notice with a condom I go for awhile maybe n hour at times.. I found the best condom tho.. Trojan supra it feels like nuttins on at all..
    Ohh but bj's suck. LoL. It's like they never end unless they go up n down like 100mph

    to be honest I'm not 100% I just remeber one day she was helpin me change for bed she laid down with me n start touchin my pee pee.. I really liked it so didn't ask her to stop..

    Back then it was small so I calld it a pee pee

  12. hm jealous of child abuse
    only on GC :rolleyes:
  13. That's what I thought. :eek:
  14. :laughing: Hey, its an older woman taking advantage of a young boy, not an older man taking advantage of a young girl. Which is way more acceptable in our society for some reason.

    I would say im jealous, but then I remembered older family friend could mean some Hilary Clinton looking bitch. Which kinda makes me sick.
  15. 3rd or 4th grade ? You're still practically a baby in those grades man, come on.
  16. Your point being?

  17. Ino like wtf, i was still playing with GI Joe back then never even knew what busting a nutt was:eek: but yeah sounds like your very sexually active.
    Maybe try finding somthing else to keep you self under control? work out or smoke reefer and meditate or somthin.
    Im 20 and i bust one a few times a week but not as much as you bro, bet Jr gets sore.
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    Nope all wrong.. She was my aunts friend at the time maybe late 20's..
    She was hott n to this day still is I seen her maybe a year ago nuttin happen..

    I was playin with toys also not like I was a grown up..

    And i'm not mad at all I actually thank her for the simple fact I knew wat I was doin earlier then most.. Come on guys didn't u ever wish u could bang a teacher in school? I honestly see nuttin wrong wit it I'm a guy I kept goin back for more.. I really feel I used her!! Now if I was a female n she was a guy that would be a mind freak.. I really don't see wrong in my place beside she wantd dick lil n all

    I'm young still early 20s too.. Eeryone I know think I'm to horny, I just wanted to see wat strangers would say.. It's not like 10 times a day is all I do.. At times 1-2 times a day is good.. However When I'm with a chick I feel I jus hate to waste.

    Im on the phone typing n I'm board at work
  19. dude holy fuck how chafed is your dick? i jerked off without lube twice a couple days ago and had chafing...
  20. My point being that when you're that young, sex shouldn't be a part of your life in that way. At all.

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