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How Much Is This?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Story, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I know these threads are getting old, but I was just wondering if anyone could eyeball this? Sort of? The nugs are medium density, the picture doesn't show it, but the nugs actually have a lot of purple in them. I picked it up for $40. would you guys pay that much for this?
  2. Here it is:

  3. If it's halfway dank it's a good deal.
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    Can you take a farther away picture, next to like a bic lighter?

    By that picture it doesn't look like a quarter, looks like you got skimped.
  5. You got that for $40? I'm jealous. Looks good man.
  6. That looks delicious.
    I'd certainly pay that much.
  7. I've used about half of it in edibles now, so a new picture is a no-go, however, it filled up a Ziploc about 1/3.
  8. I resized the picture and i forgot how big a piece of 5 gum was. But yeah dude that's a straight sac (for where you live)

    For $40 I would get a good 8-10 grams.
  9. That's looks like a good amount for $40.
  10. looks like a quarter of good mids to me, a slightly above-average deal.
  11. I would agree with everyone else, it appears as though you got a good deal, wouldn't say you got like an AMAZING deal, but you def got more than what you paid for... stick with that dealer.
  12. You're an idiot, he said he bought it for 40$, and never mentioned anything about a quarter.

    In fact, that looks like almost a quarter and you paid for what is usually about the price of an 8th, looks like you got a great deal man.

    If I had to eye ball it, I would say 5.5-6.5 grams.
  13. where i'm at, that's a good deal/just about right for $40
  14. I would have to pay 80-100 dollars to get that much where I am... I hate living in the southeast.
  15. I would say that's a good deal for 40 bucks
  16. 8 to 10 grams of DANK for $40? Shit I need to live where you do, or maybe you mean mids. A quarter is 7 grams, so you'd get a little more than a quarter of dank for $40, thats unreal.

    They honestly look like some good mids, the lighting isn't great and the focus isn't good either, so they could be dank but I can't even see any trichromes at all, although it looks very green and dense. $40 is good for that, looks to be at least an 1/8th so they're probably some mids but thats an alright deal.
  17. That's good for 40
  18. #20 PinkieGrrl, Nov 24, 2011
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    In my town, you pay $20 per gram. Picture looks like about 3.5g.

    I say: GOOD DEAL

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