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How much is this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by potatohead11, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Is it around an ounce? Also, rate the weed, 1-10 and comment please. Not a very good weed inspector yet.







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  2. This is dumb as fuck.
  3. #3 Scribbles510, Dec 20, 2012
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    It doesn't look like an ounce unless it's dense. The bud looks like a 5/10. Shouldn't have been passed off as good weed.
  4. No I'm not kidding, that's why I'm asking
  5. looks like a few kilos there nice pick up man def. 11/10!!
  6. Why am I getting trolled, I usually buy hash where I am. Not very good with weed although I love it. How many grams do you think it could be
  7. Give us something to compare it to.
  8. Most likely not a whole ounce, obviously this wont be accurate for sure but maybe 20 grams? Also its super leafy and the dude put some fat ass stems in there. You got skimped bro. How much you pay?
  9. I already smoked I would say about 3grams.
    Paid 500, but it's not too bad for me. Got way better shit last time from the same guy, think it was called Lemon Haze.

    Heres some more pictures for comparison.




  10. You paid only 500 for that?! What a steal man!! You're going to put your dealer out of business with those kind of deals..

  11. holy shit, perhaps it's where you live, but that's very high pricing
  12. dude you payed 500 for maybe a oz??? wtf man the world must be ending tomorrow
  13. #13 potatohead11, Dec 20, 2012
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    I live in the middle east, hash is amazing and cheap however weed is scarce and generally amazing, guess not this time, which is why I made a post.

    Money is not too big of an issue though so..
    Edit: the guy also said its really condensed, they make way more than they look. As in Js
  14. I am gladly accepting donations :wave:
  15. Looks better than the mexi-brick shwag on the southside of San Antonio for $80 an oz.
  16. Please check the newer pictures and estimate how many grams. Brb in a bit.
  17. Damn... I got a half o of lemon haze for $75 yesterday. I couldn't imagine paying 500$ for close to an ounce.
  18. 8.24923 grams is my guess from looking at it. I just took a closer look at it in photoshop though and now I'm leaning more towards 7.62483 grams.
  19. Lol looks like some bobby brown to me

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