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How much is an eighthof dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MLT, May 15, 2010.

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    I paid $30 for an eighth of dank which was supposed to be a good deal, but i don't really know. It weighed out to a 2.06

    My question here is:

    how much does an eighth of dank run you and how much do you get?

    from my calculations he shorted me .74 - am i wrong?

    G = .8
    1/8 = 3.5 x .8 = 2.8

    I live in canada and this is my first time buying an eighth, which sucks cause my dealers usually reliable and i havent had any problems with him yet
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    3.5g is an 8th

    but if he didnt say the word eighth, and he just said "bag" or "sack" then its really up to him how much he puts in if you agree.
  3. eighth should be 3.5 but you didnt get ripped if its pretty dank. Comes out to 15 a g which is fair.
  4. AHAHAHA your calculations are wrong, sir.

    3.5 = 1/8

    $40-50 should run you a dank 1/8.

  5. i know 3.5 is an eighth, i dont see why he would tell me that its an eighth. if i were to buy a gram it would be $10 for a .8, thats the way i see it.

    EDIT: he also told me that the price gets cheaper as you buy in higher quantities, from what youve said it gets more expensive
  6. No, he said an eighth.
  7. In most places in America an eight is $60 but in canada its around $30
  8. hmm depends on where you live tho. Hear in B.C. 1/8 of any weed (even the best ) would still be $35 or depending on dealer $30. in bc we never pay more than $10 even if we buy an ounce of dank.... I can get an ounce of dank hear for $140 easily from my friends who deal

  9. He is either ignorant or lying. 2g is not an eighth, 3.5-3.6 is. Doesn't really matter, since you still got an ok price for the weight.

    Eighth of dank goes for $50-$60 round these parts.
  10. if you can get .8 for 10 you got ripped off. you should get about 3.5 for 30 at those prices and you got 2...
  11. That's not a bad deal though since usually you get dank for $20 a gram. I get my eighths for $50 or $60, but it depends on where you live.
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    An eighth is not 2 grams.

    1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams so we'll just round to 28g per ounce.
    1/8 of an oz = 3.5g

    You bought a 14th of an ounce for $30 or 2 grams for $15 a piece.

    a gram = 1.0g
  13. I thought 1 gram is 1.0.

  14. If it's dank you should be paying ~$60.

    An eighth being a wholesale deal, you buy three grams at $20 a gram and you get a .5 for free (that's the idea).

    If you paid $30 for 2 grams and it is in fact dank, you win (because you got a great deal [and the dealer didn't])
  15. Honetsly 3 grams is exceptable but usually its a 3.5 if the dealer not stingy, and you got your moneys worth if its danky dank....
  16. Who says the dealer didn't?
  17. 3.6 is as much an eighth as 2.0 is. its not.:wave:
  18. A gram is 1.0..

    my dealer charges 10 for a .8 because its dank
  19. moreso because he wants to smoke that .2 bowl.
  20. No man, you don't lower a gram to .8 even if it's dank.

    1/8 = 3.5 no matter what. He was misadvertising.

    An ounce is always 28 grams, never 22.4 g.

    Get your head straight. You got shorted 1.5 g, or you bought a dub for $30.

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