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How much is an 1/8 of mid

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetDeaddy, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Average price per gram here in NC (or at least in my city) is:
    High-Grade = $20 per gram
    Mid-Grade = $10 per gram
    Low-Grade = $5 per gram
    Since i'm new to toking I need help to find out the right price so I can get better deals and avoid getting ripped.
    I would have looked it up but most of the other post are way off of the pricing where we live.

  2. top highest top shelf quality dispensary flower at
    most for me is $40/eighth. sometimes I will splurge
    on rare genetics up to $45-50/eighth.
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    Thanks for a short and simple reply but since it's mid, shouldn't it be like 20-25$
    mids for me? I can get a quarter for $45,
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    oh damn, thats expensive af.
    My friend knows someone that sells 1/4 for 25$  :bolt:
    and its legit mid
  6. I know when I was in Raleigh I paid 50 for some good Sour Diesel that put me and friends to sleep
    um... mids for me is lab tested 22-26% thc
    so if you can get lab tested for $25 a quarter
    i'll drive your way right now
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  8. are you sure you're buying mid? 22% is a lot for it to be mid.
    yes. that is MIDS for me. I've been smoking medical for almost 7 years now.
  10. You answered your own question. 10 a g of mid, 3.5 gs, more than 35$ is a rip off
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    So then what's your top grade weed if mids are 22%
  12. I pay 10 a g for mids, 15 for beaster, 20 for dank. Sometimes if i want to travel i can get dank for 15.
  13. Standard here is $30.  Most people don't really grade there weed before selling.
    28-32% = top shelf in my book. smoke the best around
    my area only. my last indica was king kong og and it was
    tested at 31% thc. ron burgundy beat me literally the next day
    with some flower around 33% lol.
  15. we are talking flowers not concentrates right?
    If so, then damn your standards are high! I consider 20-25% high grade. 26-30% ultra high grade
    yes. flower power. :) these growers put a lot of
    love into their flowers.. they only make a pound at a time for some strains
    just so they can perfect each harvest and the strains are amazing.
    uh where is this? 
    I can find plenty of whatever bud for $45 a quarter, but 22% THC?? I want!
    east of L.A., bud! :) you're too far in. but at least you
    guys have physical dispensaries, it's all delivery here.
    bro, it's not delivery. it's digiorno.
    seriously tho, delivery services seem to have the best prices. but i don't like how i can't see their entire selection. they usually just bring 1 to 3 different ones for me to choose from.
    they bring me everything
    I f#ckin' love it! haha. :hello:

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