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How much is a "V"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by radiantmachine, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Well, my dealer told me I could get a "V" for a certain price, but being new-ish to this area, I've never heard that term before... back where I am from no one ever used the term "V" to describe any amount of weed. How much is this? Common sense says maybe it's a half because I guess that word sounds closest to "V"? But I want to know what I am getting before I go ahead and buy it. Thanks.
  2. How much is he asking?

    And that would make sense, I suppose. V=Halve, O=Ounce.... I guess? LoL
  3. Yeah..
    14Gs is my assumption. Give us the price he told you, that would help.
  4. #4 radiantmachine, Aug 17, 2008
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    He told me $125 ... but I'm not sure price means much since it can vary so much from place to place. I have gotten cheaper halves from this guy before which is why I am unsure if it's a half. (He never called them "V"s then either.) In general weed seems to be pretty cheap around here.

    EDIT: Also, this is middies, nothing great but not shwag. It's pretty average quality... I've never gotten headies or anything from him. (I have another guy for that)
  5. Another thing that would help is your location.
    If a "V" is 14Gs and he told you 125$ that would mean your getting something like 9$/g.
    Now considering its not dank, that sounds like a good deal to me. I dont fucks with mids but with a little more info I think we can figure it out. :)
  6. maybe he's sellin u coke, viagra, or vagina?..
  7. I am in southwestern PA.

    I am guessing it's a half, but I was unsure because I have gotten halves from him before at a much cheaper price... but I guess that would be really cheap for an ounce and a rip off for a quarter for the kind of weed he gets me. I was just confused because I had quoted a lower price for a half to a friend because I thought I remembered getting them for cheaper (he usually always has the same kind of weed.)
  8. Next time just ask for what you want =p
  9. Well I usually ask by price. I am picking up for a couple people who only couple give me a certain amount of money and it came to 120... he told me for another 5 he could make it a "V" so I figured I'd throw in another 5 if it was a good deal. Money is kind of tight so I only ask for what I can get.
  10. I wish my dealer would try to sell me vagina.

    Some of that dank vagina.

  11. My rule of thumb is if they say some term that idk about, I just straight up ask. Sure people look at me funny but its just like "fuck you, this is business."
  12. Couldn't of said it better my self man.
  13. if hes sellin you mids and the "V" is $125 then i think it would be an O since thats the goin price around here, half O's gor for around $60-65 and O's go for $110-130. so my guess is it would be an O but it really doesnt make sense to call it a "V" lol.
  14. I've never heard of that term. My first guess was going to be a 5 dollar sack or something V = roman numeral 5, but then you were saying he quoted 140 or whatever so I don't fucking know. Ask like Tical said.

  15. QFT.i
  16. Well, apparently a V is an ounce.

    Just picked it up... it's some nice middies, better than some of the mids I have gotten. I guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon... :)

  17. Picture it please :)

    We always like to see.
  18. where I live (north east PA) a V is a half and cost 90$
  19. Well...depending what country it origonates from.... It's weight.... And what your doing with your "V" :D

    Although, I wouldn't buy it if it were too skunky....:devious::D

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