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How much is a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Secretkush, May 27, 2011.

  1. Is there anyway to know if you got a gram?
  2. Weigh it.
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    A dollar bill weighs a gram I think
  4. Yea I dont have one
  5. Put it on a scale.
  6. Eyeball it I guess, then go buy a scale.
  7. Pen cap is 0.9-1.1 grams. Unless you got heavy ass pen caps.
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    Fuck off junior, come back never you god damn pussy. :mad:

    You did this in more than one thread? Oh man, so glad I banned you. *RMJL
  9. go buy a keychain scale

  10. ur a dick, i hope your joking...

    to OP, your inevitably gonna get ripped off if its obvious ur a noob and the person ur buying from is not a friend, but eventually ull get it down, just throw down 10 bucks
  11. a Gram is a solid not fluffy nug around the size of a quarter coin.
    easy to eyeball, if you are that concerned get a scale it will pay over time of you buying
  12. a gram is bigger than you think. now, itll be like near impossible to weigh it in your hand.

    put it on a playing card and take a pic and we'll be able to tell you if it's a g or not. it's bigger than a quarter. it should cover at least half a playing card. broken up it should be a lil bit more than half the card
  13. No, there is no way possible to measure the mass of marijuana you have received...
  14. a paper clip is a gram, at least thats what I was taught in school.
  15. No scales? Well, if you go a piece, you COULD try getting a gram (know for sure somehow, get it from a reliable friend) and then see how many bowls it packs. You may get 3 full bowls out of your piece with 1 gram and then that's a way to measure it for future reference.

    Granted it depends on the weed itself. Some takes up more room with less weight than others, so this isn't super accurate. Scales are your best bet.. But maybe this is better than nothing?
  16. That also depends on the dimensions of the bowl, Mogwai.

    One true way: Scales.
  17. Yeah but if he uses the same piece the dimension shouldn't really change. But you're right, scales are the only true path
  18. C'mon, man. Scales are under ten bucks including shipping on ebay. I got mine from store to door for $6.89 and it's great. Only the size of a deck of cards! A tiny little marvel of modern technology. It pays for itself the first time you DON'T get screwed. Good luck.

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