how much is 10 g's

Discussion in 'General' started by PimpinPete420, May 13, 2002.

  1. Hey i want to know how much 10 g's cost where ever any of you are from.
  2. Either $10,000 or around $50.
  3. You can buy weed? crazy, that shit just grows anywhere. Just pick what you need and let the birds and bees have the rest.
  5. depends on how u buy it...if u buy it all in dubs (1g at a time...20 bux a piece) it'll be 200 bux....if u buy it all at once (a lil over a 1/4) it'll prob be twice as cheap
  6. lol you pay 20bux for a gram?
  7. I never buy grams...nuttin less than an 1/8th ($40)...i know people who smoke daily and buy dubs and dimes all the time...wut a waste of money
  8. I still can't believe you people buy this shit. its just a weed and can grow anywhere.
  9. 10 grams is about a quarter ounce plus another eighth (QZ = 7 grams, 1/8th = 3.5). Prices all depend on where you are from. For that I would pay maybe $130 of killer kind bud

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