How much Internet is too much Internet?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Fëanor, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I just got a letter from my ISP. Apparently 1.7 Terabytes per month is too much data use. There was a lot of red font and red graphs on this letter.

    I hope they don't throttle my bandwidth! The bastards.
  2. That's a hell of a lot of porn, man.
  3. yeah, you have to settle down on that. we're worried.
  4. Sounds like 24/7 downloading / streaming. What new movies did you add to the collection?

    Who is your ISP?
  5. Well it all started when I ventured into the Asian genre...:D

    ISP is Cox, 50/5Mbps
  6. My old cable company had a very lame 6 GB cap, then they start hitting you with overage charges
  7. do a speed test, they're probably already throttling you
  8. 41 Down, 6 up, and with quite a bit of activity going on during the test.

    According to one of their bar graphs, 400 GB was the limit. I have to re-read it again but haven't seen anything about penalties just yet.
  9. I think they're subtly suggesting that you stop downloading torrents.
  10. :eek: I would never!

    A lot of it is actually work-related. I copy gigs and gigs of software and databases back and forth regularly.
  11. And I bet you're only saying that now because you now know they're watching you and you don't want to self-incriminate ;)
  12. That's a lot of internets.
    My ISP's threshold is 250GB per month.
  13. I dont think I tip the scale much.
    But thats only because its slow as FUCK.

  14. Is that right..

    But really, that's a fuck load of data. And you live in vegas, it just doesn't add up. :confused:
  15. those damn blue ray 1080p torrents i keep getting..
    each one is like 20gigs minimum.

    i didnt even know there was a limit.
    im not close to a terabyte even with all my downloading for months.
    but stilll a fuckin limit????
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    Well if it's work related then you need to mention that and maybe start a negotiation of your contract, like paying an extra 5 - 10$ a month for unlimited.

    If your ISP knows that their connection to you is basically how you can pay them, they don't mind the extra bandwidth as long as you aren't late on too many payments.
  17. On my home pc I have a 250GB limit and that was decent I guess. I could hit 250GB a month easily but I've been so busy these past few months I haven't had a need to DL that much. When i had a seedbox I was pushing out 10TB down and up a month. It was unlimited of course :D
  18. Mine is 250GB limited.. Only found out about it when I got the same letter, which said I used 400GB and it was too much..

    Note: my contract states "unlimited" but as I was told over the phone 250GB is their fair usage policy... They said that if I go over the limit again they can increase my plan without notifying me.. I said: go ahead, I'll sue.. Never heard from then again :D

    BTW if u r using torrents, remove them from seeding section :p
  19. Yeah I don't see how they can claim "unlimited" and then pull that bs like they did with you. How can you market something as unlimited when the caps is really 250GB? :confused: maybe someone with more knowledge can help me understand lol.

    I only dl from private sites so I never get any letters or anything. But you have to seed to a certain ratio or a certain amount of time so I am always seeding lol. For public stuff I just download it and then immediately turn it off lol.
  20. Haha sure it does! File transfers are set-it-and-forget-it easy. Sometimes I start transferring a video to the living room media center PC, then go out for the night. I'll go casino barhopping, then eventually make it home and watch a video while I smoke a bowl before bed :smoke:

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