how much hydroton?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chemicalcomfort, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. quick question will 1 25 liter bag of hydroton be enough to fill 12 6" net pots?
  2. Yes the bags are large, obviously I can't be 100% sure but you could always just do the math.
  3. well thinking of little round balls in liters messes me up. and how big is a 6" net pot? i'd guess about a liter no more than two, but that's a rough estimate based on pictures. no where will tell me the size in liters or something comparable. so give me some math to do and i'll do it lol :p
  4. Ah,like 10 time as much as you will need. I got one a year ago and used them on an 11 bucket 2 liter system(then tossed them)and now on a six BB system with 6" net pots and i still have two 5 gal buckets full and a few other type of buckets too.Maybe 20 times as much as i needed,but eventually i will use it.
  5. ah cool thanks!
  6. Any time bud,come over to jcj77ds thread for piles of info bro.
  7. A 25 liter bag of Hydroton is 7 gallons.
  8. Your 25 liter to 7 gal. conversion may work on the paper you use,BUT i just filled two 5 gal buckets with the new Hydroton i have yet to use and also have five 6" net pots filled with 3 foot plants growing out of them ATM,all came from the same 25 liter bag i opened new nearly one year ago.

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