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How much hash can you make from 1/2 Oz? and what's the best method?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by new buddy, May 24, 2010.

  1. I'm buying a half oz of some mids soon for 110, and I want to use it to make hash since that shit won't even get me high. What's the best way to make hash from mids like this and is it even worth making hash out of only a 1/2 ounce?

  2. Im not sure where you live/prices, but if you get 40 more dollars you could get a half 0 of dank where I live,

  3. Location: Long Island, New York
  4. Yeah, I can get an ounce of mids for $110 here but, it says he's from NY. Shit is higher there.
  5. stop talking about how much he buys his weed for and just answer the question. Also Idk ive never made hash
  6. This has to be the most hypocritical post ever. Really?
  7. use ice water extraction.....expect 1 - 2 grams at most...throw in any shake or leaves u can get. good luck
  8. yeah i dont want to get you down but if you use the water/ice method you'll probably get like 1.5 grams.. but still it will be potent and 1 or 2 grams of hash seems alot more fun to me than a half zone of middies. personally i dont like mids so i'd definitely make the hash even though you wont get that much. but you could also get a little more money, get the half of dank and make THAT into hash for a more potent product/more product. but good luck. let us know how it goes man:)
  9. Haha, it's weed, you'll get high. Just smoke it.
  10. would it be worth my money? I have a pretty low tolerance I only smoke like once a week, but when i do smoke i like to get absolutely ripped... how many times would 1.5 grams of (bubble? i'm assuming with the ice-water extraction) hash get me high
  11. if you smoke once a week, mids will get you high. it's not like they don't have thc or something, come on man
  12. Especially if you're paying $110 for half an ounce. Those sound be some banging mids.
  13. Any weed gets me "high" and I smoke every single day.
    I don't get kids who say "YEAH I SMOKED A BOWL OF THIS SHIT AND DIDN'T GET HIGH"
    Well then it probably wasn't weed.....
  14. If you smoke once a week. Then just blaze a fat L every time you smoke. You will get fucked up and it will last you a while. Smoke 1g each time you smoke. If you really only smoke one time everyweek. This should last you alottttttt longer than a month.
  15. lol i don't want to smoke mids though that's the thing. Why would I smoke mids when I could get 9 gs of dank instead of 14 gs of mids for the same price. I just want some hash that I can save fr a while and bust out when I'm with a couple friends smoking or whatever
  16. straight up bro.

    although i always stay away from the schwaaggggg
  17. Both being from Maine, I can personally say I've only seen "schwag" once. and It was 60 dollars an oz so whatever :smoking:
  18. Yeah you know what's up man, only time I've ever seen it was when we were baking a fuck load. Tough to find around these parts
  19. For sure. I'm just curious...but I don't get very good deals here.

    oz of dank- 400
    oz of mids - 200
    oz of shwag - 100

    those are just my regular deals, what do your oz's go for?
  20. i like to make iso or alcohol hash. all you need to do is grind up the cannabis, put it in a water bottle with rubbing alcohol (preferably 99%) and let it soak. shake it if youd like. the alcohol will turn green, and it will continue to extract thc for a while. then strain the alcohol through cheese cloth or a coffe strainer. strain into a glass baking dish and let sit. the alcohol will evaporate and leave behind a thin layer of thc oil. scrape it with a razor blade into maliable form. if you really want to you can whip the oil around and freeze it over and over again. it will get into a nice easy to handle ball. if done correctly you could get an eight of oil. good oil can be worth up to 50 dollors a gram at the cannabis club, at those rates it would be worth it. and this will be some full melt iso hash.

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