How much H2O2 to dechlorinate H2O?

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  1. Anyone know approx how much common household 3% Hydrogen Peroxide it takes per gallon to disperse the chlorine from tapwater?
  2. I was under the impression all you had to do was pour water into five gallon buckets and let them sit out for like 24 hours
  3. What he said H202 will kill beneficial bacteria of the plant do not water with it just set your water out for over 24 hours and the chlorine will evaporate.
  4. Keep a bucket outside under a drain spout and catch some rain water.
  5. I asked this question because... last time I went to feed and started mixing nutes, I accidentally put 3tablespoons in a gallon rather than the 3tsp. it called for. As I am growing upstairs where there is no running water (old house) and was right in the middle of mixing and suddenly short of water with thirsty/hungry plants, I didn't have time to let the chlorine gas off, had no distilled on hand.

    I read in a Jorge Cervantes(as well as in GC!), that H2O2 is used for a couple things in growing MJ, among them, for clearing chlorine from tap water. Yes, it will kill off all bacteria if used improperly, but it is also used to oxygenate root systems. I just can't find what the safe dosage is to keep it from killing stuff I don't want killed.
  6. With regard to keeping the soil micro heard intact... in a pinch, I'd rather water with mildly chlorinated municipal tap water than with H202 enriched tap water. Watering your plants a few times throughout your grow with chlorinated tap water should not adversely affect your plants in any way. However, chlorine build up can be an issue if applied with regular waterings using highly chlorinated tap water.

    Chlorine believe it or not, is actually a necessary micronutrient in plant nutrition. It's used for osmosis and ionic balance and also plays a role in photosynthesis.
  7. Chlorine is a very volatile gas, and will dissipate quickly if you add tap water to your buckets at full pressure. The agitation/aeration from that alone will get rid of a great deal of the chlorine. I personally do not believe it's necessary to leave buckets out for 24 hours to dechlorinate - that's a passive method. Why not do it actively as I describe?
  8. Sry posting in an old thread, but doing this since it came up on google.

    NO ONE actually answered the question. Most of us know that chlorine evaporates when we leave tap water sitting for a day or two. The question was how much H2O2 to use to dechlorinate water - for those folks who don't want have water sitting around all the time, like me :)

    H2O2 killing "beneficial bacteria" is not relevant for Hydro. Beneficial microorganisms are w/ my organic grows/soil....for Hydro I don't WANT any bacteria, algae etc. this is why I add H2O2 to my Hydro solution otherwise I get algae VERY QUICK. (It's hot here in Spain and I get algae quick)

    From my research, 3ml of the usual 3% H2O2 solution (common from drugstores) per one liter water is fine (possibly even more is ok, it won't harm plants in any way) to prevent algae etc.... but now I hear that H202 *ALSO* dechlorinates tap water which seems like a win-win situation to me. The question only how much H2O2 is needed to do this. It's possible/likely that the amount I already use (3ml 3% H2O2 to prevent algae) is also fine to get rid of all the chloride.

    I think this is extremely cool, no need to have water buckets standing around any more, just fill my watering can or jugs with tap water and I am ready to go. And my plants look fine too.

    (Of course, DON'T use H2O2 if you grow organic or if you use any organics in your Hydro grow)

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