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How much grams takes you to get stoned out of your mind

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Ashez, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I never really calculated exactly how much bud gets me high. I usually jus go chillin with friends and they pull out a sack so I chip in a 5 or whatever. How much bud takes you to get stoned pretty good. Or more specifically, how much to get 3 people stoned?
  2. Just buy as much as you can and smoke until your stoned :wave:
  3. I havent really smoked in close to 3 months but I know for a fact if I faced a L of some dank Id be straight fucking BLASTED. :cool:
  4. roll a 5 gram blunt. 3 might do it. depending on how much everyone smokes regularly.
  5. Lol Im low on money atm. Actually, I have 47 bucks leaft exactly! How much grams would be good?
  6. depends on how low their tolerance is.

    3 people? 1 gram joint/blunt of some bomb stuff will do them well. 3 people with high tolerance? 2 grams, maybe even 4-5, to get them COMPLETELY wrecked.
  7. a .5 bowl by my self gets me high as fuck for a couple of hours.
    but i can make .5 last me all day and have a buzz goin all dau
  8. i smoke a gram a day, but when im low i smoke .3 before bed and im good.
  9. I just blazed a bowl at 0.3g and i;m completely ripped up
    mind you its dank
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    A .5g blunt or Joint takes the whole thing to get someone stoned for good mids. For good dank it takes half as much. A pipe takes .4 per person or so to get them stoned on good mids, and .2 for good dank. For daily tokers probably twice as much if you do big sessions. This is based on getting good quality connects, some in rural areas only get Mexican shit and pretty bad hash. It is expensive to get dank here but thankfully worth it in quality.
  11. Alright, the thing is it's my cuzzins 18th birthday on saturday and his friend is coming alone. They have NEVER smoked and Im not sure how much will get them fucked. I smoked about 3 grams by myself before and I was high as hell. So Im not sure how much to get all together for the virgin motherfuckers.:D
  12. 1 gram and im blown. Thats a ten sack after all, in my area atleast. Anyways, why not smoke a couple bowls and conserve? Just blowin money. Unless your rich or grow. :D
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    ok , take the 40, buy a quarter (its 7 grams). use the other 7 to buy blunts. id buy a box of vanilla dutches.
  14. #14 AHammer, Oct 8, 2010
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    I usually smoke most of a .5 gram joint to myself and i get pretty high for about 3 hours

    EDIT: I smoke everyday for about a week or a week and a half then take a week to week and a half break due to low extracurricular funds

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