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How much for a quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Magneto3521, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Up until this point, I've been buying weed in nickle and dimes or my friend would give me some. I've gotten to a point where I need to smoke more often and I guess I'll start buying in weight. How much on average do you pay for a quarter of mids?
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  3. Usually like 110.
  4. ^^^no fuckin way^^^

    quarter of mids ~ $25 - $35 depending on the area you live in
  5. 25-30 for regs....85-110 for dank

  6. of mids? damn..

    we can get 1/4's for like 45-50 of pretty good mids..
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    $45-50/ mids

    EDIT: thought we were talking 8ths lulz.
  8. yea like 40 for a quater isent to bad here
  9. I got a new connect that can get me mids for CHEAP. Got a little over 9g's last night for $20, and they're some pretty good mids. He can get dank for a pretty good price too. Life is good.
  10. I usually pay about $35-40 for a quater.
  11. You guys all get awesome prices, but I guess my prices are worse because I go to small college in a small town (though there is ALWAYS nug available). The problem is on-campus 'dealers' only pick up a 1/2 to an O a day. Dude isn't asking for schwag so don't give him those prices (regs, wtf?). These are generally my prices for 10/g bud:

    1/8 = $30-35
    1/4 = $50-60
    1/2 = $90-120
    Zip = $190-230

    Yeah, I've seen people pay $230 for an ounce of decent bud. That's why I'm bringing my own weight this year. Buying in bulk (onces+) is the smartest if you have enough cash up front and can hide it.

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