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How much for a 1/4 of danks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PaPa, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Im in MA my friend thought about getting mids, after looking at them, and from you guys to drop them mids. How bout dank though? I normally dont buy too much so I dont know. Some guy tried to offer him 140 for a 1/4th but he cant doo that. He is trying to start dealin, but cant get off the ground since he is broke. At 140 he aint making nothing, then he is offered 1/2 of mids for 110, but they are brick, and not many people buy mids... So

    Is it rude to ask for lower prices on dank? Try to chew him down?
    He isnt new to dealing but he is broke on cash, and cant build up unless he gets more money. So should he try to get the dank and try to chew him down, or go with mids?
  2. I'm from Mass, and I get 1/2 of High Mids for 80.
    An O of Dank I get for around 300-400 and half O for around 150-250, 1/4 probably 120-160 maybe(? never buy 1/4), and 1/8 for 50-65.
    Shrooms for 35.

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