How much does your indoor grow add to electric bill

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokeydadro, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. How many watts?
    How many rooms?
    How much is electricity where you are?
  2. 3 600w hps, 400w t5, 200w t-8, roughly 300w of fans on top of normal A/C costs me roughly $200-$300 a month depending on outside weather in illinois. You could look up your local power suppliers rates and do a little math to figure out exactly what your increase would be but I don't think your looking at a huge bump with those lights.
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  3. my 400watt hps 20/4 and three fans raised me by $40.

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  4. Maybe and I am unsure about how effective this would be... Maybe look into using some solar panels to help take off some of the cash from your bill. I've often thought about using solar panels when I begin to grow.
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  5. I'm uk and it's about £20 per week for 1000w on 12/12.
  6. How much will that cost you - start to finish to make it worthwhile? Not cheap. I love solar but wish it wasnt so expensive.

  7. 2- HPS 1k Lamps $300.
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  8. 2_600 watt hid lights . 60 a month extra, if on 18-6, 40 extra during flower..

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  9. That is exactly what I paid when I ran 2 1k HPS lamps in a 4x8, non-dimmable ballasts. My next run is going to be all QB 96's, running around 1000 to 1400 watts total. Currently vegging in a 4x4 area under 310 watts.
  10. My hydro rate increased to $40 in total by two months using a 120V/1.8Ah/220W DIY micro-grow set-up. One full spec light, two incandescent bulbs and one fluorescent bulb. I can expect rates to go higher as I install more lighting and increase lumen output. Should be around $60 more or less increased total once I raise current/power to 125V/2.10Ah/334Wh.. (WIP)
  11. I’m using 2 320 wat LEDs . One slim optic 320 hd. And one hlg 320 xl qb board I’m vegging at 50 % power 24” or so above canopy pulling 22,000 luxs which is equivalent to roughly 450 par of white light. . 4 plants using 160-180 watts each lamp, 2 plants under under each lamp with one isolating 16” fan is about 50 bucks a month duing veg . During Flowering adding inline fan and carbon scrubber with a temp humidity controller and a dehumidifier on a regulator about or 75-100 a month depending on environment issues. In the summer double it

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