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How Much Does Weed Cost Where You Live?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatgoodjamaican, May 30, 2013.

  1. how much per ounce, pound, gram, etc.

  2. ten dollars a gram for normal twenty dollars a gram for chronic. No need for math just follow it up the list.
  3. $20 a gram. high grade of course. copppppin' a quarter of some homegrown buds for $120 soon.
  4. 20 dollars a gram. If I'm lucky one of my dealers hooks me up with $45 eights and $85 quarters. Usually eights are 50-60 though, and quarters are usually 85-100. All good Cannabis, but sometimes they pick up stuff that isn't cured right and just isn't as dank. Happens I guess. 
  5. $10  gram
    $35 eighth
    $70 quarter
    $140 half oz
  6. 6$ a gram
    185 Oz
    a pound is around a grand
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    Gingrich is 20 a G for Headdys, 10 a G Middys, but the more you but, the more you get for less.

    Also.. This is already a thread.
  8. Well it depends, I can goto my local connect (which everyone buys from) and get 8g for $20 of Mildly dank. Or I can get about 10g (varies time from time) from my homie for $10. (Usally mids) with a little bag of dank
  9. 15 $ a gram 45$ an eight 75 Quad , and anyhitng above that 10-13 $ a gram
  10. $30 an eighth here have never bought anything smaller...
  11. a gram is about $25 in my area, im no expert so i cant tell if its good or not
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    jesus god these threads make me feel like the luckiest guy on earth; I can't imagine paying 20+ a gram I'd rather just not smoke lol cause I'd be broke as hell! 
    10 a gram all the way across the board for me; I get the same prices my dealer buys for because he's the homie and doesn't care about making a buck off his friends; its more about being able to hook them up fat for cheap! :D
  13. Whoever I've bought from in South Fl. was always by tens. $10 per gram, $20 x2, $30 x3 etc...and I've gotten blunts for $5
  14. $10 a gram for mids
    $15 for dro kush ect
    $20 for medical and chronic.
  15. Wow. Am I ever glad I live in the Fraser valley, BC. My price for dank is $80 an ounce.
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    5 a gram for mids. 10 for "dro" and usually 15 for high grade. Anything over 15 is generally a newcomer fee i.e. 20 a gram is usual for highgrade. If you buy the "dro" you'll get higher from placebo. Live in central FL.
    Also this thread makes me slightly happier that im not paying 10$ for a gram of mids.

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