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How much does this strain smell?

Discussion in 'Security' started by metallicfist, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Just recently bought Bubblicious from Nirvana. Only problem is, the only place well concealed enough for my grow area can't have any sort of fan or filter in it (insulation area). There are also no outlets inside the area so I can't plug anything in to the wall in there. But the main question is, has anybody had any experience with this strain? How bad will it smell? I'm only going to have one plant for personal use. I need to make sure that people won't smell it in my room (the smell would have to travel through two doors). I also have a DinaFem Blue Widow. Only going to grow one or the other, does BW smell more or less strong?
  2. All strains smell unless it's some weird bunk strain. How are you going to grow without a fan? How are you going to plug in a light? How will you ventilate?

  3. I have a light socket at the top of the small room, going to raise the plant up and lower it as it grows. It's a crawlspace type area. And the point is I won't be able to have a fan, so will I be able to conceal the smell? Also I've heard that Northern Lights doesn't smell much even while flowering, true or not?:confused:
  4. I went to Home Depot bought odor abosorber smells like citrus like $3 bucks
  5. Ventilation is essential, you cant just stick a plant in a non-ventilated space and expect it to grow. You need a way to exhaust hot, stale air and bring in fresh cool air. Check out the ventilation section to learn the basics, because what you are planning is not going to work.
  6. Shiva hit it.. it is essential to have air exchange. You will experience a very disappointing grow (if you get it to work) in your current set up. If you are going to take the time to do this, figure out a way to get some plugs up there. Also, it sounds like you have one light socket that you plan on using? Normal CFL's do not give the best spectrum for lighting (although some guys have some success with them) they use multiple cfl bulbs to get the lumes higher, and light coverage over the plant when it gets bigger. So one bulb will not produce what you expect... you will end up with a sickly, stretchy, plant with little to no production.
    If you list your size of grow area, where it's at, or give a picture of the area that you would like to use, an ask for help on 'best way to set up' that area... you will probably get a lot of good ideas... it will take a little money though, to do it right..

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