How much does this damage a plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by phoenix96, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Cutting off stalks, before theyre ready. My plants are a couple weeks from being ready, but I want to break off a stalk to try it beforehand.

    How badly does this affect the plant?
  2. You'll have to wait even longer to dry and cure correctly. If you fuck around your going to lose majroly. Even drying quickly or man handling will make your shit from dank to mids. Be careful! theirs that little TLC and waiting that makes your shit super dank. Too many people are lazy or inpatient comming to that.

    But if you cannot wait then just cut off a small bud and dry it with your oven (google it ). It will taste bad but at least you can get a little high :)
  3. No, I am going to dry it properly, im just wondering whether cutting off a whole stalk will harm the plant, or stunt its growth for the next week.
  4. just today i clipped a lil bud off ona my was about 3 hits...didint even dry it u dont have to it didnt taste bad at me high for about 2 hours....the plants got about 3-4 weeks left too.............just clip a lil bit off and smoke it straight up...bong just tastes like good weed...odviously drying and curing tweaks the tastes but not majorly
  5. When you say a stalk do you mean the top cola? Are you asking if you can cut that off without affecting your plant's health? If so, the answer is yes. Lots of people harvest a branch at a time. I take in my entire crop a branch at a time. Dry it properly and give it a 2 week cure minimum and it'll be decent..
  6. Im going to take a little budling off of one of my plants for my NFL teams season opener :hello:
  7. Well, I can afford weed until my plants are ready, but I need to check to see if theyre ready for harvest soon. Im not talking about the whole top cola, just one of the branches, and then leave it for 1 more week. Keep in mind, were talking about my best plant here.
  8. go buy a bag..... leave the plant alone till its ready.... ovusually if it ant ready you shouldnt be smokin it :)
  9. I have :)

    But my question still is: if I cut off a branch a week before harvesting, will it be any worse in quality by the end of that week?

    And if so, where is it best to be cut from?
  10. just be patient man, you've waited so long for them to grow why would you want to get impatient and chop em down early? let her grow to her full potential!
  11. it will absorb less light and take a little energy to heal, but if clean i cant see it harming your plant too much. but i would not remove any main stems, just get a little one or 2 to get ya by.

    or leave it and buy a bag if possible....less stress the better :)
  12. Pheonix, doing this will in NO WAY harm your plants.:D I think most of these guys replying to your question were misunderstood as to what they were trying to answer.:rolleyes:

    Listen, the truth is that some branches just finish before others and that having been said it only makes sense to take them as they are ready, understand? But just be sure they are READY. There's no rule to when they are ready its all based on what type of effect you want from your smoke. Research trichome development and decide for your self which harvest period is best for you. Happy tokin':smoking:
  13. Thank you. The fact is if he says they are ready than they are ready. IMO harvesting a branch at a time is the way to go.

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