how much does the average 1/8 of mushrooms cost

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  1. so i wanna buy some mushrooms but idk anything about their prices so i was just wondering whats the average price for a 1/8 of mushrooms is can anyone help?
  2. I get mine for 35 but any where from 20-45 is what ive heard
  3. yeah it depends on where you live. Fresh home grown shrooms by me were 45 an eighth.
  4. 35-40 in rhode island xD :smoking:
  5. $5 a gram is base price here in Canada
    So I would pay $15-20
  6. Quoted for truth.

    I've typically paid $25-30 myself, but when I buy a quarter I expect $40-50.
  7. damn i wish mushrooms i knew someone who would sell me mushrooms for $20 an eighth.

    the eighth i had last week was $40...
  8. Around here they're $60 an eighth. But they only come around maybe once a year.
  9. Some guy was selling half eights of "some bomb ass no name tennessee shrooms" for $40. Needless to say, I chose not to trip face that night.
  10. True. In my town, 5$/g
  11. 20-35 depending on location and how many people it goes thru:wave:
  12. Yeah like everyone is saying, it all depends on location and the availability.

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