How much does one pay for clones?

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  1. If a person were to buy clones from just a neighborhood grower, what is a normal price range? The clones are Sour Diesel, started in rockwool cubes, and put in one gallon grow bags full of soil.
  2. 15 - 25 depending on a couple things i.e.

    [quality, uniformity, potency, and the environmental conditions its been through]

    hope they look good :wave:
  3. Hmm,

    I would say Rooted in a Rock wool 10-15 $

    In a 1 gallon grow bag , fully rooted with soil !? 20-30$ would still be a good deal if they were healthy and free of bugs !

    Never bought clones, just saying what I think they would be worth in my opinion .
  4. In a gallon bag, I'd pay 30, as long as it looked good, was big, and is a hard to find cut. No more than 15 if I see bare roots, or if it's everyday shit. You don't happen to know whose SD it is, do you? Only reason is, I might pay 35 for an IBL Rez cut, those fuckers are harder than hell to find.

    Clones vary in price here, depending on who you buy from. 5-30 bucks, and 30 is pushing it. $20-$25 is usually standard if they're in bags or the big jiffys. 10 or 15 in rockwool.

    I'll tell you, clones are a good way to start out quickly, but you should look around for the genetics you want, and then make your own selections from seed if you want the best results. Most people selling clones wouldn't know a good pheno if it smacked them in the face.
  5. ive charged as much as $50 per clone some rooted some not, but the un rooted always came with a guarantee, just depends on the person and how i know them, high risk, high dollar......
  6. If your in So Cal Van Nuys area or Long Beach area PM me, I know two killer spots for medical patients to get clones of rare stains and the genetics are legit. I picked up a LA Confidential(doing great) The White, Gods Bud, Skywalker x bubba, Green Crack(the real deal) and a Headband (daywrecker cut). So far they all seem to be on point to the genetics. $15 a piece. $25-$30 for mini moms.
  7. $15-$25 ea is prices I have seen on both the west and east coast for nice genetics.
  8. My local East Bay, CA dispensary is $12-$15 each in a rockwool cube. They had a sale a while back for $6 Sour Diesel, but could have been better rooted.
  9. in EU .
    10 euro for 1 on buying 50
    over 500 the price drops to 7 euro .

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