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How much does it take to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrFrizzles, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Ive smoked 5 times. The first four i didnt know what i was doing and it was some pretty crappy weed. The 5th time i had some good stuff, knew what i was doing and was determined to get high. It took 3 giant bowls in a homemade Cola can piece to get me finally feeling different.

    I was wondering since it took so much to get me high the first time will it be easier or take even more to get me high in the future and how much it usually takes the more experienced guys to get high.

    post away:smoke:
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    The first like 3-4 times I smoked I did not really feel anything. I smoked the same stuff each of those times. My friend smoked me up. I did a few bowls each time. I don't know if it was his weed or just me. I have not smoked his shit since those first few times though. So I did not get high until like my 4th or 5th time. Everyone is just different. Now when I smoke I get really blasted.

    Remember, don't exhale right away. After you take a hit, open your mouth a little (don't let any smoke out) and breathe in air. When you don't think you can hold in anymore then exhale. Eventually you will see how much your lungs can hold and you will know when to exhale.
  3. i smoked a couple/few times before getting high. its pretty common. i remember smoking in the notion that i was using the right methods for getting smoke into my lungs. i had smoked plenty of cigaretts before smoking tree for my first time.

    a couple dry bowls with a simmilar pull and drag method one uses for a cigarett didnt do much of anything to me, even though it did make me cough a couple times. i remeber that the cough was from smoke and not thc though, as i'm now (years and years later) able to make that distinction.

    the first time i ever got high was from taking bong rips. i had no idea that the slide pulled out until someone came in and told me to pull it (we were smoking one at a time in a shed so as not to be sketchy. lets keep in mind that this was well in excess of a decade ago and i was like 12.) once i pulled the slide and [tried] to clear it my life changed.
  4. .5 in my bong
  5. Do you inhale (breathe in air after breathing in weed)? When I started, I didn't know you were supposed to do that, so I didn't get that high. But seriously, if the weed is even close to being halfway decent it shouldn't take that much. As for building up a tolerance, you gotta smoke ALOT. Like at least 3x a day. I've been smoking for years and one bowl to my dome is enough to get me baked. BTW, use a real bowl. Cans give you Alz Heimer's.
  6. yea dude umm the can one is bad for you and as far as what you may think is a giant bowl in your coke can prolly isent. but the first few times you dont really get too stoned and i would say go to your local head shop and get a pice even if your tight on cash dont buy a bag a weed for a day or something i mean you can get a dec piece for like five dollars doode :) good luck happy token :smoking:
  7. it depends, usually 2-3 bowls from a bong or bowl. but back in the day, (years ago) a bowl would get me high. now a bowl gets me a little buzzed.
  8. I don't know what you guys are smoking but i have a small bowl that i can smoke as little as half a bowl and be feelin good
  9. yea mee too a bowl is good half will get me high for like a solid hour tho
  10. It's all about learning in inhale correctly.
  11. takes me .1g to get high, measured on my scale :p i love saving money
  12. I am 6' 1" and it takes me about 2 good hits out of my bong before feeling something. After 5 straight hits I'm done. I have a pretty big bowl (holds almost 2 grams when packed. I've been smoking for a year and around 8 months now.
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    Inproper hitting technique tends to be the culprit of people not getting high there first time... Make sure to inhale deeply hold the hit for 3-5 seconds than exhale.

    lmao that shit must have been a bitch to clear with the slide in lol...
  14. I have been smokin grass for a few years now. I have gotten really fried before, but back then, it usually took me about 2 packed bowls(shared), 1 and a half normal bowls to myself, or 2 skinny joints (shared). Now it usually takes 3 bowls(shared), 2 fatties (shared), or a few hits from my homemade bubble bongs. And that's from pretty good shit (Hawaiian gold bud)
  15. one med sized bowl gets me good. but i have been smoking for like a year, not daily though...if it took you that long i don't think your inhaling right
  16. After 2 hits out of a bowl/3 puffs of a blunt i start to feel it, like someone said, i cant picture a 'giant' soda can bowl being too big, considering how their shaped and stuff so it was probably more like 1.5 bowls, make sure you keep inhaling and not just holding smoke in your mouth, i know i kid who didnt figure out to inhale until like his 3rd session..
  17. youre smoking legal bud?
  18. A bowl solo of some dank gets me baked.

    Hell, 3 hits of some dank and I'm flying, and I smoke daily.
  19. 1 hit gets me high, but 20-30min in I can't tell if I'm high or sober anymore and just keep smoking. First couple times you smoke it's all about how you inhale. I didn't get high until my 4th time, but I was destroyed. Had my most epic munchie session where I was laughing to hard to pay the guy, or where I busted my ass skating on the way home going half a mile per hour.
  20. I just smoked like .5g in my bowl and I am really baked. I only started smoking daily two weeks ago though.

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