how much DOES it really matter?

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  1. age in a relationship, that is...or does good judement mean more? im 18..and this girl that has kinda grabbed my eye is 14 turning 15 next month i think...and thats really the only reservation i have is the age thing...but she is mature and smart and we have fun and just click...but i dunno..just wonderin
  2. As long as you're not breaking any laws in your relationship...than if there's a real connection there go for it.
  3. 18 <-> 14 4 years @ 24 <-> 20 or 64 <-> 60, I dunno but as
    you get older you get noticed less and less for age differences
    in relationships and more and more for success.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  4. yeah..that makes sense..but why does 16 20 sound so..different?..or 17 21..or 18 22.....i dunno...just need to do some more thinkin i guess....but yeah, we click..
  5. Weii ...lessee 16 <-> 20 equates out to Daddy and Shotgun. 18 <-> 22 You can run. You see 16 <-> 20 &
    17 <-> 21 Daddys' got the Law on his side. At 18 they
    still think you're a kid, a little suspicious maybe ...... but
    as long as your hairs the right color, shape and length and
    ain't a smart-aleck ridin a greasy motorcycle roarin round
    the country keepin their daughter out to all hours of a night. Heh, Heh.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  6. I would say that maturity should mean more than age. Some people can be 20 and act like they are 12 while some people can be 14 and act like they are 24. But the age difference gets a little touchy when the girl is still in high school and can't even drive yet. Daddies sometimes get a little crazy over their little girls. And I'd hate for you to get shot at while trying to pick your girl up for a date. Thats never a good way to start a relationship!!! But if you click and their are no rape laws.......around here, if a girl is under are in all kinds of trouble. Just be careful if you like her that much.
  7. statutory rape is a pretty big deal in the careful...but I say Elvis got to marry someone a decade younger than he...SO WHY CAN'T WE!?....IF THE KING DOES IT..ITS GOT TO BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO!.....ARE YOU WITH ME!?!?!(everybody in forum stands up and cheers...even the blubbering old drunk guy in the back)

    Seriousely though normsy kind of in the same situation right now..Theres a girl I like and I know shes rumored to have liked me in the past, so I wouldn't mind taking things further, but theres an age dfference between us as well....the worst that happens between the two of you is you'll have to hold up on the sexual intercourse bit for a few years....or just keep it highly under wraps....either way theres always going to be that blubbering old drunk in the back of the room who doesn't like all this ninny minny age gap relationships..but I say ITS THE 70S BABY,ITS A NEW ERA!! LIVE IT UP!

    (apologies to anyone who has been offended by my blabbering due to my stoned stupor...)
  8. Age is just a thing, Norm.

    The only concern I have is the legal ramifications but I know you are smart enough to be careful. When I was 16, I dated a man who was 22 off and on for 4 years and have since dated people much younger and much older. I have ended up with someone slightly younger than me but it all depends on the person you're into.

    You just have to be HAPPY! Nothing else gives you what happiness do what you feel is going to make you a Happy Normsy Poo!!!

  9. WOAH THERE KILLER!! RAPE?!?!?! who said anything about even having sex with the girl?!?!
    sweet crimenetmanitmantieymonetoayaewashemandondo!!

    ive learned from my past relationships that sex umm..isnt always a good thing..well, it is a GOOD thing, but, it takes maturity to balance the physical AND emotional aspect of the relationship..and the hormones pretty much took over, so i think subconciously we thought that the only way to be close was to fuck..which was all it was, was fucking..dont get me wrong it was fun, but in the end it was all physical...but thats a whole nother can of worms ill put down in a rant one day... anyway, we went and saw "signs" tonight..damn good movie..i did a lot of the jumping..skurred me...
  10. aww, i try, thankee thankee, just wish my parents saw some insight to all of that.... i need a job:S...random thoughts...oreos and milk are good stuff!!....

    but yeah, i think ive decided to "persue" this girl...thank all of you for the input, i more and more grow to *gasp* love this forum, it helps everything from life, smokin, love, any freakin thing you can think of...almost like an extended family or somethin....*hugs everyone*....awwwwwwww...lmao..damn i need to go to bed!
  11. could always do what my ex did to me when she got pissed..speakin of her....she would "ground" me from.."stuff", ya know what im talkin about ;)..and seein as how that was important in my hormone driven body...she manipulated me with her kooch....anyway, oreos and milk..mmmmmmmm
  12. but it hurts so good.....the relevance of that, im not quite sure...oh shit, i have to get up at 730 sweet monkeys!!...its damn near 4 hear...DAMN...oh well...
  13. I'm 25 and Phishhead's 21. We've known each other since he was 16 and I was 20? We were good friends for a long time but now... well.. WE'RE IN LOVE! *gushy girly giggles*

    love knows no age, I mean sometimes I can tell the age difference but it doesn't matter to me, or him, because we're closer than any 2 people can be (or so we THINK, i am sure there are others like this!) and the age line is transparent except for birthdays and the occasional immaturity thing, but i'm immature as it is, and well, i've known 30 year old guys less mature than him.

    4 years might not seem like a huge difference to you but i've known adults who are 10 years apart who have been married for years.
  14. The last guy I actually dated was 21 and i was 16 and it just didn't work for me. The sexin was GREAT and all but we just didn't want the same things. He was all relationship and I was all partying and sex and I felt all tied down and smothered, so just make sure you guys are out for the same things before it gets too deep.
  15. just talkin about bein a lil more than friends with this girl and yall are talkin about sex and future and wanting things and stuff...mannn...slow down reason to rush..LMMFAO:smoking:
  16. Yeah Romance is always great, better than sex sometimes,
    gettin silly and showin off by standin on your head under water or some such thing or walkin in your favorite places and tellin how you feel about some of your favorite sites and sayin Aw Shucks Ma'me and bein a mite respectful.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  17. you right theres no reason to rush things, you keep remembering that and make sure she knows that too and its all good.

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