How much does a glass bong cost

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  1. im trying to pick out a good basic glass bong and buy that i mean it doesnt need to have splash gaurds,ice pinches,12 arm tree percs just something simple and afforable if your on a budget

    also if i put decorative stones about the size of a dime in there will that work as diffuser stones
  2. well a LHS will probably charge you a arm and leg. id say somewhere on GC is your best bet
  3. Definitely look into HVY bongs, I'm assuming you wanna spend $50 or less, peace.
  4. check out too. i got my first bong there and i like too
  5. I got mine for 40, see my gallery

    local headshop is the best bet to get a good deal
  6. For inexpensive bongs or beakers, HVY or EHLE's are your best bet. German glass starting at under 50 bucks.

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