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How much do you usually smoke in a day

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rayzon, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. For me I think about 1.5 grams or so

  2. that might possibly be more than apprentice..i can make 1.5 last about 4-5 days
  3. Very original thread idea.


  4. i go around 2g but i need to stop its taking my money:(
  5. ^^^I know it sucks. Especially when you find out you can grow it for around 20$ an ounce.

    But yeah on weekends I just smoke after work at night(maybe .5-1gram) and during the week It could be a gram and concentrates or edibles or two grams

  6. Shit dude. Glad I can make a G last me like a week still :)
  7. a lot of weed.

    Its hard to resist it when you have so much of it.

  8. like half a gram in 2 days becuse i vape i can make a 8th last me a week or 2 if its amazing nug
  9. 2grams
  10. As much as I need to stay lifted a long portion of my day
  11. im right around a gram a day
  12. About 38.4 grams a day. Sometimes 43.8 - depends on how shitty work was.
  13. you can't be serious. :eek:
  14. I don't like to smoke.........
  15. Somehow I usually ended up smoking 2 grams with my boy but he just got arrested today so we'll see..
  16. I smoke on wkends only.

    Around .3-.5 per day on the weekends. :D
    Low tolerance ftw.
  17. 0.3-0.4g/day. blazed all day. vaporizing ftw
  18. yeh i need to control myself .. bout 1-2 grams a day..
  19. 3 grams last me about a week I guess... But I just ordered a fucking awesome bong o_O So I'll update you in 2 weeks how bad it has become :(
  20. Pretty much a good bowl before every single thing I do. Unless it's inappropriate. Which only applies to exams.

    Otherwise, yeah...a lot.

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