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How Much Do You Throw Down?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goodseasons, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. So i was wondering how much all of you usually throw down on a say a dutch/blunt? I know it depends on how many people, how much everyone else in throwing down, but on average i mean.. I'd probably go with 0.5, if everyone is throwing down plenty maybe 0.3.. and occasionally if my buddies and i are tryna roll a fatty i might throw down a g.

  2. Too much. A lot of my friends are broke and/or don't know where to find bud. So Usually when I go to hang out with someone I bring a decent blunt or a king size joint because I want to get high and I know it would be rude to be smoking in their house and not letting them hit it. I usually put between a 1.2-2.0 in my blunts and about a G in the joints. 
  3. I just match usually .7 each 
  4. Same as OP, mostly .5 but .3 if the circle is big enough. Don't have blizzies too often though, just special occasions.
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    Depends how many heads are on it. If it's me and 2 people than we all throw down .3
  6. The classic 5-5 or 10-10 for a dub sesh. 
  7. Match 1-2g if we're having a bong sesh. .5 each between each of us 2 on a nice J.
  8. Who actually weighs what they throw in? I just pitch in whatever I have with me or it looks like we need. If there is extra we just roll two.
  9. If it's under 3 people, I'll throw down .5. If it's over 3 people it'll be a little lighter because everyone is throwing down. If I don't have a weed, I'll throw down $5.
  10. I hate matching so I rather throw in $10-25 (1g-eighth) and smoke it all. I save my weed for personal and to put a g in a rainy day jar everytime I pick up.
  11. I'll typically provide for everyone. I'm starting to think it's the only way I can actually stand my friends.
  12. I usually smoke blunts with one other person and we usually put in 0.5 grams each, but we've also made enormous blunts that were about 2 grams where we each threw in 1 gram.  It's this habbit of social blunt smoking that tends to make me run out of weed much faster than I would if I only smoked it out of my bowl every day. 
  13. 7 grams in the blunt!  Those extra wide wraps help too.  Puffin a Biggy blunt.
  14. Word..generally around here most just want to go blunt for blunt...
    Which will most likely be .8-to 1 gram in eachblunt as that what $20 will get one got time for weighing
  15. I like to save up for 4-20 and then throw down a shitload. I save a lil here a lil there for the whole year. I have a 4-20 savings account.
  16. A gram is $15 so I can put in $10-$25 depending on how much other throw in then smoke all that shit on the spot while saving my weed (quarter-half ounce) I just picked up.
  17. $5 cash if it's with another dude because I usually only smoke a bowl or two, if it's a chick usually I'll shoot $10 just to be nice. If I have bud I'll usually throw down half my stash, or match everyone (whichever is lower). Say I pick up an eighth and everyone puts in .5, I'm only putting in half a gram.
  18. My friends and I dont keep track really, Usually someone will whip out a bag and pack the whole bowl, or even smoke us all up for the whole night. Usually the next time we all smoke together someone else will do the same, we dont ever keep track but we all take care of eac other so there is  never an issue.
  19. usually i just roll up myself and encourage others to do the same, but if i'm throwing down, i generally just take a decent sized nug (maybe 0.5-0.7?) and throw that down.  not really an exact science since blunts use so much damn weed regardless.
  20. 2g... ya my wallet is suffering :(

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