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how much do you spend a week?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CallMeHerb, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. i got this idea after smoking a few too many bowls and reading the thread on how many grams you smoke in a week. how much money do you spend on herb a week? i spend maybe 25 dollars a week. i'd make a poll but i'm wayy to baked right now. :smoking:
  2. I spend forty bucks every two weeks. My tolerence doesn't go higher or lower. I get high off a little bowl on my homemade bong. And ive been smoking everyday since thanksgiving.
  3. about 20 bucks a week untill i get a job then its up to 40 again.
  4. i spend like 20 or 30 a week but a friend of mine and me bothe put in 20 or 30 o we can get more and i smoke up my friends alot and they smoke me up alot
  5. i should have a job within a week or two. i just can't decide which job offer i want to take up. then i'm sure i'll spend as much as you highgirly. half ounce of some bombbb KB goes for 150 around here. expensive.. but bulks the only way to buy it when you can. also i smoke out my friends whenever i've got herb. and they always smoke me out too. i can't wait. a few week and the herb will be flowing like water!! i'm excited just thinking about purchasing my first oz.
  6. I'm up to about $100 a week. I gotta start growing.
  7. Usually about £5-£10, cause me and like 2-3 friends usually buy an 1/8th between us for the weekend....
  8. i smoke for free, i havent paid for herb in almost 3 months, and i get stoned everyday. i usually smoke in between a g-2 gs a day.
  9. BOUT 200-250 A WEEK
  10. About £10-£30 a week sometimes.
  11. I don't spend anything anymore, but I used to spend next to nothing on a 1/4 each week. It's so much fun to buy an ounce and flip most of it.
  12. $30, but only cause I'm in university right now and I can't afford it. Should be growing over the summer and making plenty of money (computer programming for a bank, ahh the possibilities). When I have the money I like to spend $60-$100 each week.
  13. ionno ~30$ a week? i split the cost for 7g with a friend every week and we smoke everyday ;)

    smoke off
  14. whats your secret.... homegrower?? slangin dope??.. i smoke for free.. lemme just say i dont homegrow.....yet

  15. about $40 a week
  16. I get 1/2 ounce of skunk every friday for £65.
  17. dont smoke no more....but when i buy an half about every 2-3 days...
  18. anywhere from 45 to 90 dollars a week.

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