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How Much Do You Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, May 31, 2013.

  1. Maybe it's my low tolerance because I'm a new toker, but when I hear everyone talking about "smoking 4 bowls" on GC, I don't get it.  I smoke a bowl every time I smoke...I get high.  I don't have to smoke a gram to get high.  Does everyone just smoke so much to get super duper baked or what?  I bought an eighth and it looks like it'll last me a few weeks maybe a month (I don't smoke daily).  I'm not packing small bowls or anything, I just pack my pipe and smoke.  I get like 7 hits off of a bowl, so am I overly conserving?  Is it everyone else's high tolerance?  At this rate, it seems like it'll take me forever to build a tolerance as I have gotten higher and higher each time I smoke.

  2. It won't matter how much we smoke because there is an asteroid coming to Earth tomorrow and everyone is too high to notice it!
  3. hell yeah man I get an 8th a week on average and 1 bowl = 1 nice milkly hit out-tha-bong and i'm high. like 1/2 bowl a sesh.
  4. 3 weeds a day, no more 
  5. I smoke weekly but then I share with friends so my weed dissappears fast. All I can say is if you want more get a job. I still live with my padres so I don't have to pay any bills so then I can buy an oz of weed easily if I'm not driving much.
  6. A quarter a week (thats 2 half gram joints a day) alone, but at 1 point a few years ago i was at 2 1/2 grams a day (5 half gram joints a day) and sharing.
  7. About an ounce a week.
  8. I find this to always be a compeitive topic, but I believe for evreyone it varies based on there finanical situation. I usually get an ounce/2weeks because the budget allows it, in terms of getting high, a fat bowl pack suffices.
    Pft, "financial situation".
    Or you could grow the shit...
  10. This is true, I just know a lot of people aren't in states/countires that allow that, and some people who don't even want to take that risk. I would personally love to grow but the whole idea hurts my brain haha
  11. If I can afford it I smoke an ounce every two weeks. But when times are hard quarter a week. At least till I start growing my own. Just need space to do it... what a glorious day that will be. :)

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    <sup>If I  had to guess I would say an ounce or so every couple weeks maybe more if I have the extra bud.</sup>
  13. 1 ounce usually lasts me 2 months if I smoke everyday 
    I vape with the mflb tho and it conserves weed a lot
    There is no need to smoke more if you get high off small amounts. Just enjoy low tolerance while it lasts.
  14. A bowl or about 75% of a joint

    study high. take the test high. get high scores

  15. I smoke a bowl or two each session, it depends on the potency of the buds. But honestly I smoke all day everyday for my depression. So about every 2-3 hours, again depends on the strain and dankness.
  16. This.  I smoke weed for my anxiety, and depression. I used to have to smoke every day multiple times, but since I've been going to a naturopathic doctor I've been able to cut back because I'm starting to recover. My Naturopath says that weed is probably curing my depression because of it's action on dopamine in the brain. I now smoke a bit less; like 3 out of 4 days i'll smoke 3 or 4 bowls in a session. it's pretty awesome that weed is making me better. 
  17. Last summer I was smoking a 1/4 a day, it wasnt my best time but I had a lot of money and felt shitty so yeah... Had a month long T Break and now I smoke like 2-4 grams a week lol

    Big jump but my tolerance isnt that high anymore so its all good

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  18. .5 or less a day im goin bonkers but i get way higher now when i smoke less.

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