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How much do you smoke per day?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChefZiggy, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Just kind of curious.  I consider myself a pretty seasoned toker, and at one point was concerned with my consumption until I found this place.  I think my meager 1-2 gram a day habit is nothing compared to some.
    So, if you don't mind, click on the poll.

  2. maybe not quite 3 grams, but definitely between 1 and 2 per day :bongin:
    when you got jars full in the closet, what you gonna do :confused_2:
  3. On my own I'll vape about .1g a day, but if I'm smoking up with friends it'll be closer to .5g. I only go above that if I'm smoking like all day at the cottage or something.
  4. Now on the weekends I might get closer to 3. Definitely if I get into joints...
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    I sometimes try to limit it to about 1 or 2 grams a day. Ive gone as low as a half gram a day. Usually life is very stressful though so i end up smoking a gram or so in bowls through the evening, probably a half gram or so in the vape.. and at night i typically go nuts with blunts and joints.. i try to limit myself to a gram a day sometimes but all that is impossible to do with so little.

    So on a lot of days ill typically go through a quarter or so. I try to make hash whenever possible so i dont have to smoke so much all the time but i dont have a lot of time to do so, and usually i just dig myself a deeper hole that way anyways (tolerance)
  6. Anywhere from 3-5 grams a day
  7. Used to be a gram a day now it's .2-.4 maybe .6 sometimes

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  8. Typically I vape 3-5 grams a day, but it depends on the day. 
  9. Wow...When I vape I use a lot less.

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  10. If I smoked Id use a lot more. The volcano has a large oven and I vape a lot for medical reasons. 
  11. I'd say 0.5 on a working day and about 4 grams on my day off.
  12. I vape around .5 to 2 grams a day. Lately the average has been around 1.5g a day.
  13. The last few months I've been smoking every day. 0.5 on the low end, 4 on the high end. Today I've burned close to a gram, and I'll probably smoke one more time before bed.
  14. I'd say probably 1-2 g's a day. Ever since I've been at school I've been smoking more per day.

    I always forget to smoke because I get high and distracted.
  15. And all depends on how much time I got to myself

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  16. Normal day to day around a gram. Days off probably 2-3 per day
  17. I have around .4g plus one or two dabs per day during the week, but on the weekend and days I have off ill usually have around .7g and a few dabs throughout the day.
  18. This poll is inaccurate due to that this all depends on the delivery device.
    I voted 1-3g's, but it's more like 1.5g's a day, dry matter.
  19. I suppose I should have specified flowers. Oils and waxes are still pretty rare in these parts. (Although I have made a little of my own.)

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  20. Less than half a gram per day.

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