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How much do you smoke a day??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sambieno, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I just want to know how much YOU smoke a day? a joint, a gram, and 1/8th?
  2. dont smoke daily but on average i smoke about a gram when i do, it is always good weed, like better than mids, if its mids than more, today i smoked .7 of dank
  3. right now about 2 blunts, afew bongs/bowls a week
  4. I smoke about 4 grams a week. 2-3 bowls a day. dank shit
  5. Haha well every day i toke,

    Sunday: Bought a 1/4 with my friend of Northern Lights/Blueberry (Hybrid)

    saturday: woke up finished the 1/4, got 2.0 dub of some good fire

    monday: Bought another 1/4 w/ my friend of just some dank chronic.

    tuesday: Still had some of the 1/4 smoked the rest, all day

    wednseday: Picked up an 1/8 of that norrthern lights blueberry

    thursday: Got a 1.8 grams from my friend of some good dank

    friday: got another 1/8 Blueberry/Northern

    saturday: bought 2.0 grams of fire

    Thats how it goes down weekly

    .........I smoke allot of weed
  6. I go through about an ounce a week... give or take an 1/8
  7. probably an 8th a day.
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    Average 1.5g of dank per day or an eighth+ of mids per day. Some days I might not at all, some days maybe double or triple that.

    I mostly vape so my lungs are clean. People say vapes are weak but there's nothing like coughing your lungs out until that sticky vapor absorbs.
  9. hey man if you can afford it. and your actually functional in society between all these sessions than smoke on.
  10. probably a little over an 1/8 or less or more
  11. Lately a quarter a day minimum. Usually kush or around there.

    Gotta cut back .
  12. about 5 grams a day if i have the weed to smoke.....if im running short about 2-3 grams
  13. Probation is what is keeping me from smoking for the time being, but before i was traped by the law it was about 2 oz a week between me and at least two other friends.
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    If I smoke at all in a day, its normally a couple pipe or bong hits. Over the course of a week, I'll smoke a gram or 2. I'm not a huge smoker, but i will be when I go to college. I'll be smoking alot more than I do now.
  15. Back in FL when I could get it all the time I would smoke on average 1oz every week week and a half of Mids(Danks would be no different)Now that I am working up north and my only hook up is in NYC I smoke a half oz of danks every week and a half two weeks...

    Some people like to Drink.Well I love to smoke
  16. Being a lightweight has its perks and downfalls. Being called a pussy by your friends kinda evens out that I spend so little on weed :D

    This summer I bought a half O of Regs smoking 1-2 times daily. It lasted me around a month starting to smoke half a bowl (from a custom piece I made) then nearing the end of the month up to an entire bowl :O

    Not having a job and being in my last year of highschool I guess I'm somewhat thankful. I can smoke more than that but it's just a waste since like .2-.5 of regs gets me high enough =p

    (And yes I am 18 for all you vigilantes here)
  17. about a quarter a week, so a g a day.

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