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How much do you smoke a day?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by porschetarbo, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. #1 porschetarbo, Jan 27, 2014
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    How much do you smoke a day? And how much WOULD you smoke a day if you had unlimited  (free weed for smoking)? For you guys, is how much you WOULD smoke also the same as what you CAN smoke? I usually smoke 1 gram a day, and would smoke 5g a day if I had an unlimited supply. Max would be about 10g,

  2. a. 1.5+ gs

    b. Probably around an oz a day. I love chain smoking joints. Finish and roll another. I'd be burnt as fuck but fuck it.

    c. Im not quite sure I understand. The max I'd smoke with what I could smoke?

    With a friend we smoke out through nights blowing at least 5 grams, mostly gows around 7 but we've gotten to 10 or 12. Just a regular thing.

    btw a and b are numbers for myself.With people numbers go up.
  3. I could never smoke more than 2 g's in a day. I cant smoke until im completely sober or i just burnout really bad in the evening
  4. I smoke about 2g a day, sometimes 3-4g.
    I would smoke aboutttt 7g-14g a day if it was unlimited.
    I recon I could clear an ounce in a day, whether or not i'd enjoy too is another matter.
  5. 2-3g's now that i switched from papers to a bong
  6. Usually .5-1 g for me, I would probably smoke about 3 - 5 gs a day if I had the supply for it.
  7. I thought I was the only one who could smoke that much haha
  8. [quote name="sapien" post="19415526" timestamp="1390834434"]2-3g's now that i switched from papers to a bong[/quote]Same here used to be an easy q a day but now that i vape/sometimes a bowl instead of rolling i save so much moreTo op question1)2ish grams a day2)7-10 grams3) i dont get it
  9. About 1g a day through homemade bucket.Unlimted supply? Probably as much as I could fit in in a day. Maybe 8g on my own :)Sent from my GT-I9300 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. I tend to stay not stoned one week, then smoke shite tons the next week. Helps keep the tolerance down and wallet healthy lol. 
    When I've got alot of weed it doesn't really matter how much I've got it seems to just go in the same amount of time.
  11. 1 gram of decent bud a day is more than enough man. But if you like rolling joints/blunts, probably 2.5 would be better. Bongs/vape - 1g is more than sufficient. 
  12. I usually smoke like a 1-1.5 grams a day, more if im not doing anything but vaping haha Sent from my burner

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