How much do you put in a personal blunt?

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  1. Title says it all, How much weed do you put in a personal blunt? And by personal, I mean a blunt you will be smoking alone.

    Me, I'll put about a half gram if it's dank....and anywheres from 1.5-2g if it's mids.
  2. 3 grams usually unless I'm sharing then I'll do 4-5 grams.:D :smoking:
  3. Hell yeah son, Wish I could afford to put 3 grams of dank in a blunt lol. I bet you stay blowed all day.
  4. I roll that for the ride into work...lucnh time cruise... and the ride home.:D

    Then after dinner I hit the bong.:D
  5. between .8 and 1.5g of dank depending on what i need to do that day lol
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  6. depends on the situation..and how dank it is..[​IMG]
  7. Ohhh, so that blunt will last you a while? I thought you were talking about one setting lol.

  8. I think he means he smokes about a half O a day :D
  9. Just rolled a nice 1g blunt of some juicy fruit, only got about 4 or 5g left usually roll them nice 2g blunts and take em to the dome :smoke:

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  10. I can manage with .8 .9. That's with big blunts though, I never buy rillos, though I should.
  11. ohh god gc. im doing it, youve convinced me to go buy a rello and smoke a beezy. mmmm

  12. Dun get a rello, buy you a honey or grape dutchmaster....roll that bitch up...Yummy. That's what I'm smoking on right now.
  13. grape dutchies :hello:
  14. 1-1.4 i use wraps or white owls pretty much any sort of rillo
  15. personal blunt, i think .5 is all you really need, half gram blunts do the trick for me at least.

    but i did buy some ...mids... for the first time the other day like 5gs of the shit, i think ill roll pretty fat blunt with most of that.
  16. .5 if its some dank..

    mids i'll roll up anywhere from .9 to 1.5 depending on how i feel lol
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  17. When people throw down weed for a joint/blunt they normally throw down .25-.5g if they know it or not. 2.5-5g is about the amount to get you high (for most people with average weed).

    Now saying that I suggest you roll a gram blunt just enough to cover the whole wrap. You will have a skinny blunt but it will be a nice one. I also suggest you roll with the outer leaf because it adds more organic material making the blunt burn longer/slower so you do not always have to be puffing on it.
  18. usually anywhere btw 1g-2g gets the job done

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