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How much do you pick up?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cheeched_One, May 27, 2010.

  1. #1 Cheeched_One, May 27, 2010
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    Odd question here, how much, every time you visit your dealer that is, do you pick up?

    Me for example.. well Im friends with my dealer so I come by and buy around a 10-20 sack, smoke some with him out of his big ol' bong, and then get going. well and blazing on the way home, i just end up chilling wit him every day.

    WUT about you
  2. i usually buy either an 1/8 or a 1/4, just cause the 20 bag dealers around here are skimpy as fuck so i'd rather pay 50$ for 3.5 of headies and know for sure its straight. Plus, its cheaper as a whole, and I always have a little nuggage to hit befo sleep
  3. Generally, I have bout in dubs, but only recently because of limited funds. I am going to start buying in bigger quantities to save money once I get off this damned tolerance break :p
  4. I get 1/8s or a quarter. It lasts me forever so that's convenient.
  5. The smallest amount I buy is 1/4 and if its really good bud Ill buy a little extra because good bud doesnt come around where I live that often
  6. Just enough that can still be swallowed in a moments notice :)
  7. no less than a q no more than an o... with heads i get q' anything more than that is too pricey.
  8. Never bought more than an eighth. My work is irregular and I obviously have other expenses so I never seem to be able to scrounge up more as I'm constantly buying small bags. I should probably take a T-Break and let my paper stack.
  9. I usually buy 1/8ths. Sometimes more. Sometimes just grams. But I really like going into the dispensaries.
  10. i dont have to pay but its a O and 300-375 depending on the type of weed. always atleast above average and never bad. i only get to smoke about a quarter give or take a gram outa the O
  11. The last time I picked up, it was an ounce and several years ago.
  12. Whoa.:confused:, you must not smoke much..
  13. A Quarter

  14. Or he grows like the clever people.

  15. all i ever get is mids, and i pick up an ounce or two at a time.

    one ounce will last about 2 weeks for me. maybe a little less if i have alot of ppl smoking in on it.
  16. if i get reggos, i'll get a half o
    if i get chron, i'll get an eighth or quarter
  17. first off yall pay sum crazy ass prices 4 weed lol i live n nc and we pay 5$ a gram usually aand i usually buy a half o every week
  18. anywhere between an 8th and a quarter pound...

    i used to buy by the gram, and then i realized i could have saved like half my money by just buying ounces. and then ounces turned to quarter pounds. it lasts me a long time, and i keep it in jars in the fridge so the dank never gets old. the only time i get less than like an 8th is if me and a friend throw down for a 20 sack before a party or something. but rarely does that happen, i'd rather find a strain i like, buy my dealer out, and have a great month ahead of me :D
  19. no body wants to here that they pay more than they want to for weed, im sure they already know that..
    and no body asked you how much you pay for a gram either...

    your negativity isnt welcome here, GTFO :wave:

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