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How much do you pay per g?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OriginUnknown, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I know that I pay roughly 10$ a g, 5$ sometimes depending who I get it off of.
    I'm curious to know how much you pay!
  2. Usually its always $20 a gram for dank. For me atleast.

    And for mids the price varies from person but most ive paid was $10 a g.
  3. I pay $20/g if its dank although if I'm just buying headies I normally can get it for $10/g.
  4. Nuthin', The main advantage to growin':D
  5. I get mids really cheap.
    4 pesos the gram which is equivalent to 1 dollar aprox
  6. Pshhh lucky Mexican!
  7. argie actually
  8. 10 dollars. but the bags are usually 1.2 or 1.3.
  9. my place is weird, $5 a g for decent mids and $20 a g for dank
  10. why would you buy a gram of mids, waste of time
  11. Thats exactly the same around here.
  12. the guy i buy from sells 1.5 bags and its 10 a sack of some real decent weed.
  13. $20 a G for cice bud.when I first started my first year in high school I thought headies were worth $25 a G at the time haha kinda sad but everyone is a noob at some point.

    The guy I buy from now weighs it out to 1.2 every time for $20 pretty sick.
  14. $20 half of an eight... $35 eight (both Dank)

    do the math...:D
  15. i wont go over 20 a g no matter how dank it is. i know how cheap it is to grow so im not gonna pay that much of a mark up. Most dank here is 20 a g anyway, sometimes high as 35. wtf?
  16. i pickup dank almost always now so $20 a g

  17. sales tax included? ;)
  18. troll
  19. If you were talking to me, I just did the math, but I buy 25 grams each time, sometimes 30 depending on dealer.

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