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How much do you pay for your Onions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Piffy, May 30, 2009.

  1. I myself pay the following.

    $415 - Piff
    $400 - Haze
    $350 - Lemon Diesel or Dro (Only when I go to Jersey...MEAAAAANNNNNN asss hook up)
    $90 - Zone

    What do you guys pay?
  2. You my friend get some very expensive onions. I usually buy my onions at the store I work in for about 2.99 for 2 lbs.

    honestly now what the heck is an onion in this context?
  3. Maybe like $1.99 a lb

  4. guessing ounces.....

    people always gotta slap on some cool slang word that nobody's ever heard of...
  5. Aye, onion=ounce.

    Cool, you pay 400 bucks for an ounce of haze. I pay 395 for an ounce of haze. You overpay omg!

    This thread is pointless. "Haze" and "Piff" mean nothing bro. Just names.
  6. depends if I buy them by the bag or the bushel
  7. Onion? Really?
  8. 350 haha we say onion on the phone to make it seem like were not talking about weed

  9. hahahaha i was thinking the exacpt same thing
  10. And people think you're talking about onions? Seriously?

    I pay about.....1.50 a pound at the farmers market.
  11. i live in jersey, and i think weed is mad exspensive, but $350 for some good dro? that should be like $250 at most.
  12. 340 strains vary
  13. 100 for a zip of some of the highest mid ive seen:smoke:
  14. An onion is an ounce of coke. If you've seen it before you know what I mean.

    But for some reason we are talking about weed...
  15. :cool: ya guyz.
    srry but this OP sounds stupid, onion is just fucking dumb
  16. I like onion.. rings on my Western Bacon Cheese Burger at Carls Jr.

    But I have never bought Onions at the store and I have yet to buy an ounce of weed.

    So I pay $0.00 for my onion habit, unless we at Carls Jr. Then its like 4 bucks but it comes with the burger and everything.
  17. Fuck 'onions' stop saying stupid ass shit.
  18. I pay 99 cents per pound for onions.

    If you want to know how much people pay for their cannabis then stop using silly euphemisms, and if you meant cocaine then wrong forum :p
  19. I pay 100 for shwag, 250 for nugs, and 450 for exotics

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