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How Much Do You Pay For High Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nckdaman, May 13, 2010.

  1. #1 nckdaman, May 13, 2010
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    How much for just a gram? Sorry for making this kind of thread, i know one gets made like every minute.

    Got a new hook up and i never buy mids and he said it would be 10 -17. He doesn't know yet because hes getting it from somewhere else. I think 17 sounds a little high...
  2. 25-30 a quarter, that's on long island ny
  3. $10/g
    that's what i pay
  4. 3-5 a gram but thats from a friend. He sells to others for 10-20 per gram.
    This is good mids with hairs and everything. just not so crystaly
  5. $10 a g.
  6. $30 a slice for high mids and $25 a quarter for low mids.
  7. They are called beasters nd 10-15 per gram

  8. high mids :confused_2: , if u knew this thread is made every 29 seconds, y not check all the other 12 thousand out there??
  9. Because most aren't asking for a gram or high mids.
  10. LMAO, i saw at least 4 this week

    i saw one today with a poll in it....
  11. I don't see a point in buying any type of mids by the gram.
  12. end thread
  13. $10 a gram here in ontario
  14. 10-15 a gram. the stuff i just got was 15$ a gram (if buying a single gram) but this isn't really high mids, i would put it over that...all purple and what not with some nice cozy orange hairs
  15. Save up some more money and buy at least an 1/8th of these "high mids". You'll thank me later.
  16. I pay $3 a gram for high mids
  17. I hate the term mids because it is so general that no one can really understand what you mean by it. A gram could go from $5 to $10 I'd say... $20-$30 for an eighth of what you would probably describe as "high mids"
  18. Guessing you buy in very high quantities and it comes out to about $3 a gram?
  19. 10 a gram..Who sells shit at 11..12..13..14..15..16..17..$ a gram..

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