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How much do you pay for 15 grams?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BxR, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I ended up getting 15g of dro for 150 but im a dealer and he said 14g for 130 so i think i need to get a extra g from him.
    How much do you get 15grams of dro for?
  2. 40-60 bucks but thats because im in norcal it all depends where youre at..could be straight, could be a rip.
  3. Dam your lucky

  4. yeah theres lots of factors man..mainly availability and the people you know. even in california 15g's for 150 is cool to some people. infact many medical marijuana smokers often pay 10-15 dollars per gram with no money break, even if they buy a lot
  5. Yeah true but i gotta get my money right, and i was kinda mad when i found out i was short a gram. but its whatever
  6. i pay 220 for 14. sucks but thAts just how the prices are here
  7. for 14 grams? 25 dollars.
  8. Bout 90 bucks in So Cal
  9. you got a half and a gram. @$10 a gram you got what you payed for nothing more nothing less enjoy that bud @op.
  10. 14gs @ 120$

    im not complaining.
  11. Regs = 14g's for $20-$30
    Dank = 14g's for $150-$165

  12. 15 grams for $150 is NOT the same as 14 for $130. That means you got an extra gram that he charged you $20 for, when he was charging you about $11 for the other 14 gs. So he sounds like not such a great guy.

    I pay $150 for a half oz (14 gs)..but that's for the most fire shit around. Still it's a common price. Before I got this connect I was paying $160 and the shit wasn't as good, but it was still pretty standard crippy. The stuff I have now has names and supposedly comes from Cali. I wouldn't believe it but when you look it up on leafly everything matches.
  13. Anywhere from 60-90, depends on the day.
  14. For a half bag (14-16 grams), I pay anywhere's from 80-100, depending on how good it is. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada though, so it all depends on where you're from I guess...:smoke:
  15. 14g = £100
  16. Dro? If it was grown using hydroponics that has nothing to do with quality it's just the method of growing. What are we talking here mids, high mids, low end dank? Here in cali for that price it's high end dank... even if youre in other areas i wouldn't pay that for mids or even high mids.
  17. Shit ill just give him a handy and get it for free.
  18. 14g of anything here is $100 bad weed around here either thankfully, or at least none I've encountered.
  19. 100$ for a fat half O
  20. about 110

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