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how much do you pack in a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ytfghmjb, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. a bowlsworth for me is about .5 g's, give or take a little.
    how fat do you guys pack your bowls ??
  2. I usually pack about .5 in my bubbler. But my bong bowl only fits .2-.3 (which is perfect for me).
  3. yeah bongs are a whole nother story . mine holds about the same as yours
  4. Well, I broke the actual bowl part of my glass bowl when I first got it about 8 months ago, but I've use aluminum on it ever since. Made my bowl significantly smaller, so I can only pack .3 at a time.

    But I'm pretty satisfied with it.
  5. damn man you've been using aluminum for 8 months?
    thats not healthy at all man . just spend the extra $20 and get a new piece homie
    i dont wanna see a fellow blade gettin alzheimers
  6. personally, i love fat bowls. i hate passing it a few time between the people i'm smoking with and having to pack another. i prefer to put enough in to get us all high, without repacking it once. i have a pipe that can fit about a gram all broken up into it, but then my bong can fit about .3ish. either way though, i pack as much as possible without it falling over the edge.
  7. As much as it take to get me high
  8. Depends on how high I want to get.

    If you don't know how much to pack, pack a lot of it and keep smoking until you know your high, then pack a little less next time. I know exactly how little to pack to get desired results. It's about 0.25 for a buzz and 0.5 for a good buzz.

  9. i think this is a silly way of doing things...unless it's REALLY good bud in a bong. The bowls just get so hot, ya know?

    i dunno why anyone would like hitting hot bowls...its so nice to have like a 8-hit snap bowl...

    not too big not too small
  10. if its for me alone i'll pack half a bowl (like .2 the most). if its with one other person usually a bigger half bowl (.2-.3). i only pack a big bowl if its for more people. i think it smokes better too when you pack smaller bowls, and then repack. i dunno just me.
  11. You always get greens with headbowls :D

    I do notice though, if you want to get REAL high, you need a large cherry. Small snaps may take forever to get a strong high going. I have smoked a gram in 1 hit, but sometimes I get too paranoid. Half grams snaps are perfect for going into a movie or something.
  12. .1-.3, I don't need much.
  13. lately pretty full bowls, probably around half a gram.
  14. till the bowl is full man, repack as needed, if I don't needa cashe it I'll tap out the ash and save the bottom for my next time which will likely be in the next 1-8 hrs(if I have to sleep or work:-D)

    Though if I had to estimate probably usually around .6 or .7 grams, though I have a shaft and one spoon that can easily fit over 1.0g, great party items.

  15. Exactly, 8 hits is enough with one other person, and is certainly enough for a solo session. And I HATE hot bowls. :(
  16. I'll pack about .5 in my bub, but I really only smoke .1 at a time (about one or two hits at a time). I've had good bud lately and a fat hit gets me stoned for a couple hours.
  17. I smoke snaps, and each snap would be about 0.1g :rolleyes:

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