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How much do you need to get to yourself high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dogelito, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering how much do you guys need to get average high?

    I've been smoking weed almost daily for quite a while and believe it or not, a hit from a pipe with ~0.02g in it will send me quite high. A gram lasts me for nearly a month if I smoke it daily multiple times. And it's indica I am talking about, I usually need even less if I smoke sativa. My friend reported similar amounts to get him high, but apart from him he is the only person I know who needs this little to get stoned.

    I have read other threads on these forums and people talk about smoking atleast 0.1-0.2g in a bowl as a minimum, for others it's as much as 0.5g.

    I remember when I was younger, it used to be 2-3 of us rolling an entire 2g back in a blunt puree and smoking it in one go. Used to get my pretty gone but I still have no idea how I managed to finish that. Now I mostly do it on my own, and if I ever smoked 0.1g in one hit I would legit pull a whitey. Anything above 0.05g will make me feel very uncomfortable for the next 2+ hours. What's interesting is that if I smoke another 0.02g bowl after my initial hit, I will barely feel anything. In fact, that's what makes most of my weed being used up as if I only smoked 0.02g bowls once a day then a gram would last me way longer than 1 month.

    Is there some sort of a ceiling dose past which you can't get any higher? Cause those 2 gram blunts between 2-3 of us back then kinda felt like a hit from 0.1g bowl now.

    Also, how much do you usually smoke in one go? What's the minimum you need to feel the average high?
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  2. A nice .4g bowl ever hour or two does the job... sometimes I'll smoke a couple smaller .3 bowls back to back...

    Grow journal
  3. That's insane to me, even after doing it daily for several years. I seem to only gain tolerance to redosing, the initial hit dose always stays the same and never fails to send me high for the next ~2+ hours..
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  4. I vape and .2 can keep me high all day. It's great to be able to smoke less, But I only vape the good stuff. The last time I smoked mid it'd take a decent sized bowl to get a good buzz going.
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  5. by .2 you mean 0.2g right? How many decent hits do you get from that? To me, if smoking non-stop 0.2g would last 2-3 days, if only smoking one hit a day then much longer than that. I also use a glass pipe so it's less efficient than vaping.
  6. I get tons of hits. First 5 hits I take Off the vape it tastes like pure weed, no smoke flavor. the next10-15 start to taste a little like popcorn that is partly burned. I take the left over vaped weed and cook it with a fat to make canna butter no decarb needed.
  7. A couple hits. Low tolerance squad.
  8. But how big are your hits? How much do you put in your joint/pipe/bong/vape?
  9. Haha, I always milk mine until it doesn't burn anymore and there is no smoke produced when heat is applied.
  10. Pinky sized joint 2-3 times a day for me. But I doubt I need that much. But if you have it why not smoke it right?! A z usually lasts the wife and I about 10 days or so.
  11. I smoke out of my bowl, it has a kinda big hole in it so I'll load up with a piece of weed big enough to not fall through and usually won't add much more than that. I'll take pretty big hits. I can take big hits really easily so I usually do. Sometimes I'll cherry it to get like multiple hits in one. My stuff is dank and I don't smoke everyday so I always can get ripped off a little.
  12. Hey dogelito can you post pic of you packed bowl and maybe a picture of your serving size on white paper?
  13. I believe that there is some truth in that. I always feel like there is a point were your bud can only get you so far, then you gotta step it up to some hash or a different weed strain to feel something special.

    I'm personally on the road to lowering my tolerance. I probably just quit for a while and save some money.
  14. .1 gram or so, or one decent sized hit of dank and I'm medicated for a few hours.

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