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how much do you inhale out of one bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nawmean, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i'm smoking out of a bong and in the bowl i'll put a small ball of weed. after the green part burns, there is an ash. If I light the ash, it'll burn from the center if i inhale. is it bad to smoke that? did i take one toke too late? :)

  2. Depnds on the quantity and quality of ur BUd on schwag i get about 4 hits out of a Bowl on mids i get 5-6 hits. But yeah jsut keep lighting it until it dont cheery no more
  3. Any smoke you get off of it likely contains THC as long as you aren't torching it.
  4. smoke it all man, smoke it all.
  5. i just joined this board... liking it so far
  6. I don't know if this is true but i just do LOTS of super small bowls that burn to nothing but ash on the first hit. Apparently doing it this way makes the most of the weed. I think the idea is to make sure no smoke escapes from the bong or whatever because there is to much in the bowl. I dunno i'm poor and always run out of weed so i gotta make it count.
  7. That's one reason I often like my dugout. It's one of the most efficient ways to smoke. Of course, I like bowls and joints and bong hits as well ;)
  8. Well the burned butane gas from the lighter isnt healthy, but theres no evidence it will kill you so its up to you :)

    I light the head and blow the bowl clean so i get rid of the burned gas and then toke like a crazy without putting the lighter on it again.
    I find that to be more easy on my lounges hehe.
  9. smoke it till theres nothin burnin
  10. If i'm by myself, 1 or 2 hits to cash it.

    With a group of people, I am conservative and take very little. Politeness and all.
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    hey man welcome to the city :wave:

    and i take little hits if i dont have alot but if i have alot ill try to get all of it in one :p

    :wave: peace

  12. I wish my friend was like you. usually I can hit the bong 4-5 times before repacking, but if he is over we get 2 mine and his.

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